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Meta Man's NSA file.

Meta Man was a minor character in The Incredibles.

The Incredibles

Meta Man appeared at Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's wedding, alongside Thunderhead, Stratogale, Dynaguy, Frozone, Edna Mode and Rick Dicker, celebrating once the two were married.

He was known to be a rival of the supervillain Baron Von Ruthless, with his agency voice recordings being damaged as a result of the latter's interference. He had been put under NSA review as the leader of "Meta Group", overseeing the actions of every other superhero team in existence.

For all his great power, Meta Man was still one of several Supers to suffer from suit malfunction, dying when his cape snagged in an elevator shaft whilst lifting an express elevator to safety, jerking his head back and presumably crushed by the elevator came down on him.


Meta Man possessed a broad range of superpowers, which included flight, super strength, X-ray vision, magnetic manipulation, sonic screaming, teleportation, partial invisibility and communication with aquatic mammals. 


As a Super, Meta Man was labelled as indecisive, though he was also compassionate and deeply committed to his hero work. 


  • Meta Man appears to be inspired by DC Comics hero, Superman. Like Superman, Meta Man wears an oversized single letter emblem and has a wide variety of powers including flight and incredible strength.