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What Was Once A Blessing Became An... Inconvenience.
―Ming Lee to Meilin Lee about her red panda 

Ming Lee (born c. 1962[citation needed]) is the mother of Mei in Disney•Pixar's Turning Red.

Elegantly turned out and poised at all times, Ming is the devoted keeper of the Lee Family Temple in Toronto’s Chinatown. Ming takes her duties as spiritual leader and local entrepreneur quite seriously, but the role she prizes most is that of mother to her precious only daughter, Mei. Fierce, stubborn, funny, controlling, and even infuriating, Ming is—as Mei would put it—"A lot”, but her deep love for her family is always apparent.


Ming is the over-protective and at times, cruel, mom of Mei which causes her to make Mei embarrassed in certain situations. Ming always wants what is best for her daughter and she tries to help her by trying to spend some daughter-mom time.


  • Ancestors of Ming's family passed down the red panda meaning she has also experienced the Red Panda.
  • When Ming transformed into a Red Panda, she is actually larger than Mei and her mom/Mei's grandma.
  • When Mei finds Ming in the bamboo forest before “leaving the panda” Ming is found as her younger self. Ming explains she hurt her mother, you can see she actually did. Before the ritual, Mei’s dad gestures that Ming actually scratched her mother.


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