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These are the most prominent minor/supporting characters in the 2003 film Finding Nemo.



The albatrosses are seen during the montage of animals passing on the heroic story of Marlin. One of the birds believes that Marlin is on his way to Sydney Harbour before the news is spread to a bluebird.



Marlin and Dory encounter the anglerfish in a dark chasm beneath the wreck of a submarine. After escaping being crushed by the sunken vehicle, Dory accidentally drops the diver's mask prompting Marlin to chase it before scrambling back realizing the sheer darkness would make finding the mask impossible. Eventually, the pair swim into the chasm however are unable to even see each other. A bright light soon illuminates in the darkness, enticing them closer whereby they attempt to catch it. With horror and a burst of light, the two realize the light is connected to an anglerfish and quickly swim away with the predator hot on them. In the chase Marlin spots the mask and distracts her while Dory reads the label, at one point even being snapped up while holding onto her illuminated appendage. The anglerfish charges but she is trapped by the mask pulled up and weighed down while Dory relays what she read from the mask, swimming away from danger with Marlin.

The anglerfish, or another similar looking creature, appears again after the credits approaching Blenny, who overcomes his fear of sharks and other scarier fish by eating the anglerfish in one bite. The anglerfish also makes a cameo appearance in Up during Carl and Muntz's fight when Muntz strikes one of his exhibits with his sword.

Uncle Ugo who's a sea monster with an anglerfish light on his head that appears in Luca is inspired by the anglerfish from Finding Nemo.[citation needed]

It should be noted that the anglerfish they encounter is female, as only females possess the glowing bait that characterizes the species and are also larger and more aggressive than males.


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Barbara is briefly seen and heard in the dentist's practice. She is the receptionist with a small exchange with Philip Sherman about cleaning his fish tank before his niece arrives as well as a brief appearance where she is seen talking to the mother of a patient.

Baz and Bernie[]


Baz and Bernie are a pair of crabs seen by Nemo and Dory surrounding a sewage pipe, fighting for the scraps which emerge through the bubbles. They are a yellow-ish and a red color. Bernie attempts to catch Nemo, but ultimately fails. They are incredibly protective of the pipe as they constantly yell at any fish that swims past them.

Bernie is first seen when Nigel tries to eat him, but when he hears Gerald talking to the other pelicans about Marlin and Dory's adventure about finding Nemo, Nigel throws Bernie away to the annoying seagulls. Bernie escapes by jumping into the sea before the seagulls could eat him.

Later, Nemo and Dory return, asking Baz and Bernie if they've seen Marlin. Bernie admits that he did, but refuses to give out any information. Bemused by this defiance, Dory holds him above water as a tempting morsel for the seagulls, where he eventually gives in.

During the credits, Bernie can be seen dangling from one of the filmmakers' names.

Bernie is voiced by Rove McManus while Baz is possibly voiced by Bob Peterson.

Oriental Sweetlips[]


Also seen in the montage, this large green and blue fish is enthralled by the tale of Marlin's heroics.