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Miss Fritter is the (former) secondary antagonist of Cars 3.

Official Bio

"Miss Fritter loves the smash-and-crash life of demolition derby. A local legend at Thunder Hollow, Fritter's formidable school-bus size is intimidating, but it's her smoke stacks of doom, razor-sharp stop sign and crazy collection of her victims' license plates that usually steers her opponents in the other direction."[2]

Cars 3

Miss Fritter stumbles upon a disguised Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez after the two of them mistakingly register for her Crazy 8 demolition derby. She makes fun of the two "rookies", giving both of them nicknames of her own. In the ensuing chaos of the derby, she successfully takes out all competitors until only Cruz and McQueen are left. She prepares to ram into Cruz, but McQueen interevenes, and the two of them manage to beat the irritated Miss Fritter. Immediately after this, the mud McQueen covered himself with to conceal his identity is washed off, accidentally revealing to everyone including Fritter who he is. During the resulting media attention, Miss Fritter explains to the press that she is a huge McQueen fan and states how excited she is to have met him.

During the Florida 500, Miss Fritter and the other demolition derby racers watch the race on TV and cheer for McQueen and Ramirez.

Miss Fritter's Racing Skoool

Miss Fritter returns in the short Miss Fritter's Racing Skoool.[3]


  • She is based on an 1980s Ford B-series school bus 40' bus with a flame shooting diesel or gas engine.