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This is a page listing mistakes that Pixar Animation Studios has made in their films.

Feature Films

Toy Story (1995)

  • Just before the opening credits end, Andy can be seen opening his bedroom door wide open (with the shadow of the door almost touching the closet door). He has Woody say, "Howdy, little lady!" to Molly and then sets Woody on his bed. As Andy grabs Molly from the crib, the door is no longer wide open, and a great portion of the wall next to the closet door can be seen.
  • When Andy leaves with Molly, he leaves her crib railing down. However, the crib railing is mysteriously pushed back up in the shot of Woody announcing "the coast is clear."
  • After Mr. Potato Head leaves, he is all messed up in a Picasso-like way. Yet, when the scene goes to the toys running around, Mr. Potato Head is now reset the correct way.
  • When Woody tells the toys that the kids are gone and the toys roam around the room, Robot and Snake are shown on the right side of the room, but a minute later they are shown on the left side of the room under Andy's bed.
  • At points where Potato was talking, the inside of his mouth is all white.
  • Sarge and his troops communicate with Woody through the wrong monitor. In reality, the one Woody used is for talking, whereas the one the troops used is for listening.
  • When Sarge calls his troops to go check out Andy's Christmas presents, a bucket is next to a table and a dresser, but earlier, when the toys are roaming around the room, the bucket is nowhere to be found.
  • Woody uses a Magic 8-Ball to ask if Andy would pick him. Yet, in the shot before he does, the Magic 8-Ball was nowhere to be found.
  • When Sarge is yelling into the baby monitor that the kids are heading up to Andy's room, the baby monitor is right in front of Woody on the floor. Yet, when the camera pans out to show all the toys scrambling for their places, the baby monitor is gone, and Hamm is right in front of Woody. Then, when the camera zooms back in to show Woody, the baby monitor has reappeared.
  • When Woody and Buzz are panicking and watching Sid's mutant toys drag the severed remains of Janie and Pterodactyl away, Janie's body is wearing a pink dress, but she's supposed to be wearing a blue dress.
  • When Buzz says, "Blast!" when he sees his damaged ship, his lips still read "Damn" as it was probably originally going to be. It became "Blast!" due to it being a family movie and not using profanity in this genre.
  • When Buzz demonstrates his "flying" abilities in front of the other toys, his left wing would have clipped the

    Comparison shot between when the handle is black and red

    car track.
  • When Woody first opens the back door on the moving van, the ramp handle is black. But when Rocky Gibraltar uses it, it is red.
  • When Buzz is in Hannah's room, Woody comes up to it disguised in Christmas lights. He leaves them beside the door before he goes in. When they leave the room, the lights are gone. Later, the lights return when Woody saw the window exit in Sid's room, but most of them were still gone.
  • When Legs lowers the PEZ dispenser, Ducky down through the removed lightbulb hole, to ring the doorbell, the lightbulb housing is bigger than the hole, but they bring it up through the hole to remove it.
  • When Rex and Mr. Potato Head pop out of the moving box, lots of packing foam pops out. Later, when Woody opens the box in the moving truck, there is no foam.
  • See 'n Say frequently disappears from moving van shots.
  • When Buzz and Woody are trying to enter the moving truck towards the end, they ride RC and grab a hold of Slinky to help pull them up. RC loses power and Slinky starts to be pulled onto the road. When he touches the floor to stop him from falling, he actually pushes against the flow of the road.
  • When the Little Tikes are jumping in the firetruck, one is white, but when he lands in the truck, he's black.
  • When Hannah accidentally stepped on Buzz's wing, she stepped on the light. There was a good chance that the light broke, but it didn't.
  • When Woody and Buzz are riding RC after Rocky pulls the lever, Buzz's rocket should have lit up as the sparkles of the ramp would light it.
  • Rex, despite being a toy Tyrannosaurus rex, actually has three fingers on each hand instead of two in real life. However, this may have been intentional since Rex is a toy dinosaur, which unless it was sold at a science museum gift shop or made for educational purposes, is actually not meant to be accurate.
  • It is unknown how Mr. Potato Head's eyebrows can be separated from his eyes. Mr. Potato Head has removed at least one eye in every movie, and he is seen to have been able to take his eyebrows apart. But when it shows him with one or no eyes, there is no hole for the eyebrows, but they can separate.
  • Sid strapped Buzz to the rocket using duct tape. The duct tape was stuck around Buzz's torso. But when Woody and Buzz use the rocket, and Buzz makes his wings pop out to prevent him and Woody from being blown up, the duct tape is nowhere to be found on Buzz's torso.
  • When Slinky asks Woody to play checkers, you can see that he has the checker pieces placed incorrectly; the pieces should go on the black squares.
  • When RC, controlled by Woody, hits the bulletin board, the thumbtacks land around Buzz; however, when the Globe goes after Buzz, the tacks are suddenly gone.
  • At the end of the film when Woody sits on the bed with Buzz his holster is gone

A Bug's Life (1998)

  • As Flik is just leaving the island to go find the "tough bugs", he's followed by two young male ants. The two young ants look quite different, one being blue and the other more purple. The blue one says, "My dad gives you one hour before you come back crying," and the purple one says, "My dad says you're gonna die." But after Flik has hit himself on the rock whilst trying to cross the valley, the purple ant says to the blue ant, "Your dad's right. He's gonna die." Wrong ant.
  • The drunk mosquito is clearly a male, while in reality, only female mosquitoes drink blood.
  • The ant colony is made up of both male and female worker ants. In real life, all worker ants are female but cannot reproduce, and males, known as drones, only serve to mate with the queen and die afterwards. The same is true with bees and wasps.
  • In the opening sequence where the ants are loading the food onto the leaf, they show a panoramic shot of the scene, and you can see the Queen and Princess Atta standing under the shade near the center. But, in the very next shot, the ants are still hauling the food, and the royal family isn't there.
  • When the ants are deciding whether on not to let Flik go to the city, Atta says, "He can't mess anything up!" However, her lip movement says "Screw" when she says "Mess." It was probably changed because "Screw" is a common slang for sex.
  • When Gypsy spreads her wings throughout the movie, the number of yellow spots on her wings change.
  • The size of the shadow of an object depends upon its distance from the light source, not the surface it falls upon. Lifting the cutout of the bird a few inches closer to the sun as they do would make absolutely no difference to the size of its shadow, yet it quadruples in size.
  • When Tuck and Roll got Hopper's antenna, the other antenna is the only one on Hopper's head, but when zoomed out the antenna that was pulled off is still there.
  • Approximately half of the insects in the film appear to have four limbs, while the other half have the correct number of six.
  • When P.T. Flea was doing his trick with the other performers, he was stuck on the paper with glue. When he is putting his head on front, his other hair was found on the huge paper. But when the paper falls to the matches to make him filled with ash, his hairs that got stuck on the paper are gone.
  • The bird featured in the film is clearly a passerine bird, but her chicks seen at the end of the film that hatch just in time to eat Hopper alive are all depicted with down-covered bodies and opened eyes. Actual passerine birds are born naked and blind.
  • Gypsy resembles a regular moth. But in real life, only male gypsy moths have fully functional wings while females have vestigial wings and cannot fly unlike all other moth species (a similar trait goes to bagworm moths, where only males have wings and females have no wings at all).
  • When Atta and the Queen were discussing relaxing, the queen puts Aphie down. When he was down, the two male ants made a hole to escape from Dot. But when a tall blade of grass falls on Princess Atta, the hole is gone.

Toy Story 2 (1999)

  • In the beginning of the movie, the Buzz Lightyear video game that Rex is playing appears to be a 3D game and for a gaming platform similar to the Nintendo SNES circa 19901997. In reality, Nintendo's first 3D gaming platform was the Nintendo 64 released in 1996.
  • During the second half of the film, Al wears a green shirt. However, he is seen wearing his red shirt for the time of one shot while he is driving to the airport with the toys chasing him.
  • The inscriptions on a poster behind the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots change between two shots. When Slinky Dog addresses the two toys, the bottom of the poster reads "Big robots! Little robots! And more!". When the same poster is seen as Al is talking to Mr. Konishi, this is replaced by a block of text.
  • RC's eyes are blue. However, in this movie, they're black.
  • Utility Belt Buzz is seen missing his utility belt for a brief moment (mistakenly making him look like regular Buzz) right before the toys find Woody in the air vents.
  • When the gang reached Al's Toy Barn, Slinky mentioned that it's closed and Mr. Potato Head said: "We're not preschool toys, Slinky! We can read." But in the first Toy Story, Mr. Potato Head mentioned that he came from Playskool, which is a company that produces toys for preschool-aged children.
  • When Woody is trying to pull his arm from Al's shirt pocket while he is sleeping, Woody only reaches to pull his arm out a little. In the next photogram, the arm is completely inside the pocket as it was before.
  • When Mrs. Potato Head put Mr. Potato Head's angry eyes in his back compartment the eyes are connected. You can tell if you look in the back while Mrs. Potato Head is holding them, the stems are slanted than straight. This was definitely an animation mistake because Mr. Potato Head's angry eyes are later seen in the movie and aren't connected. But it could be that Mrs. Potato Head also puts in some more angry eyes that aren't connected.
  • Towards the end, when the toys are in the dog crate at the airport, Mr. Potato Head's angry eyes no longer look angry after they spill out of his hatch, along with his spare feet. The correction above could show that those ones that aren't connected are normal ones and Mrs. Potato Head might've put in some more angry eyes that are angry and aren't connected.
  • When Buster sniffs Roly Poly Clown and the Toddle Tots fire truck, RC can be seen at the Lincoln log house but when Buster runs over there, RC is not seen.
  • In Toy Story 2, Mr. Shark's color is changed from blue to gray.
  • In the first film, Mr. Spell's voice is lower. But in this film, his voice is higher.
  • When Andy sees Jessie and Bullseye for the first time, he acknowledges them as new toys and starts to play with them. However, he doesn't acknowledge the Aliens as new toys, nor even plays with them.
  • The word Andy on Woody's boot is on different sides in random parts of the movie.
  • When Woody turns Stinky Pete's box round to ask him if he wants to join the gang, the television has already been turned off in the background.
  • When Hamm turns off the TV, his and Rex's reflections are not seen in the TV.

Monsters, Inc. (2001)

  • In the international version of the video/DVD, several instances of written English text have been replaced with universal symbols. However, on two occasions, it only happens when the screen focuses on them, such as the "Standby/Scare" semaphore, that has symbols when focused, but mysteriously switches to the original version when less focused. It also happens with the "Contamination alert" on the video wall during the first 2319, that in the first shot shows a version of the radioactivity symbol with a child instead of a dot in the center, and in the next shot, the original text.
    • Some of them also stayed in English, such as the joke in the end of the scene of the first 2319.
  • When Boo laughs repeatedly while playing hide-and-seek with Sulley in the men's room, nothing happens to the electricity -- no surges as with all other times she laughs (In the audio commentary by the directors, they explained that it would've been distracting if an energy surge occurred every time Boo laughed, so they simply didn't address the issue. A reasonable course of action, but still a mistake.).
  • After the Scare Floor shuts down at 6:00 and Sulley goes back to the Scare Floor to do Mike's paperwork, the clock reads 5:48. After he returns again to put Boo back, it clearly shows 5:48. Finally, after Randall leaves and Sulley leaves the Scare Floor for the restaurant, the clock reads 6:48.
  • In the opening scene, on the floor, there is a toy train on circular tracks when the monster sneaks in. When the monster (Bile) trips backwards over the ball and skateboard then falls onto the jacks, the train and tracks are gone.
  • When Mike is bringing Sulley to the fixed door, he has no slivers or Band-Aids on his hands. Then, when he says, "It was a lot of wood to go through," you see that he does.
  • During the opening scene, where Bile is looking under the bed, you can see the soccer ball just beside the bed and in front of the dresser. As Bile moves backwards, he suddenly trips over that same soccer ball that suddenly moved from the side of the bed to the back.
  • At the beginning, when the mailman drops the newspaper on Mike and Sulley's door, Mike opens the door and the newspaper vanishes from sight before it would have gone behind the door.
  • During the door chase sequence, there are a couple of frames where neither Mike and Sulley nor Randall has Boo.
  • On the Scarer's Leaderboard, Randall is listed by his first name, unlike every one of the other scarers featured on the leaderboard.

    For some reason, Randall is listed by his first name, unlike every one of the other scarers.

  • When Jerry tells Waternoose they may make the day's quota, the sign that says "Children Scared" reads 0, when obviously, they had scared over 0 already.
  • After Sulley tells Mike to look in the bag, which is not there, there is no logo on the menu's cover. But when Mike and Sulley find Boo moving in the bag, the logo suddenly appears on the menu cover.
  • When Roz arrives with the CDA near the end, CDA member 00112 is seen twice, once near Mike and Sulley and the other near Roz.
  • Mike throws the last yellow snow cone on the ground, but when the Yeti says that he is going to get more and the camera pans down, the snow cone is not on the ground.
  • When Boo gets Little Mikey and Mike takes the toy away from her, there is a poster by the desk in the background. However, while Sulley and Mike try to make Boo stop crying, the poster is gone, and when Sulley goes back in the living room and tells Mike about their plan after Boo is asleep, the poster has reappeared.
  • When Mike announces that he and Sulley should start a whole new life somewhere far away, Boo is missing both her fake monster eyes.
  • When the Scarers begin scaring the kids, Betty is the assistant to Bud Luckey  but after the door is shreded, Betty is the assistant to Josh Rivera.
  • When Waternoose punches Sulley aside, four of his eyes can still be seen just before he turns around and runs for the bed.
  • When Randall enters his first door to collect screams, the door knob was on the left. When Randall comes out, the knob was on the right.
  • When George Sanderson leaves the door, the sock seen on his back facing the right. When the CDA comes in and tackle George, the sock is now facing the other direction.
  • When Mike and Sulley are in the locker room, Mike can be seen holding a contact lens. His locker has a mirror and it is not reflecting the contact lens but only Mike's hand.

Finding Nemo (2003)

  • When Nemo first finds himself in the fish tank, Peach tries to report the dentist's actions, but her voice is muffled by the glass pane. She has to pull away to talk. However, when the other fish watch the dentist, Peach is talking perfectly normal and not muffled, even though she's pressed up against the glass again.
  • When the dentist wants to put Nemo in a bag, he has a Ziploc (a plastic bag with a zipper), but when he finally catches him, it has changed to a normal plastic bag.
  • Before Nemo is initiated into the Tank Gang, Bloat introduces the Ring of Fire. Bloat then retreats and goes between the on-looking fish. In the next shot, Bloat is on the outside/right. In the following shot, Bloat is again in the middle. However, it could be that he moved to these positions when off-screen.
  • As the fishing net is being pulled up, a fisherman is shown to the left of two wires on the boat leaning on his elbow. Then, in the very next shot, the fisherman is in between the two wires, and now, he is leaning on his hand.
  • When Marlin and Dory are inside the Whale, there are sun rays coming down into the water inside its mouth. Being inside a whale where the sun cannot get in, this is not possible. In reality, it would be so dark you couldn't even see two inches in front of your face.
  • The whale's baleen is yellow, and it's a Blue Whale. The whale's baleen should be black.
  • Marlin is portrayed as a male clownfish. In real life, all clownfish are born male but led by a female, but turn female if said female dies, which would exactly happen to Marlin after Coral is killed by the Barracuda if this happened in real life. Also, Coral is depicted as being much smaller than Marlin. In real life, it is the other way around. As with the balloon error in Up below, this was a conscious choice by Pixar to go with believable rather than realistic.
  • Unlike real jellyfish, the jellyfish in Finding Nemo sting by electrifying other fish, while real ones poison other fish with an often lethal toxin with no antidote.
  • Peach was bought from eBay. Buying live animals on eBay is prohibited. Of course, it is possible that this particular sale was overlooked by the eBay redactors, as sometimes happens.
  • Peach appears to have eyes and a mouth. In real life, starfish do not have faces like vertebrate animals.
  • When Gerald swallows Marlin and Dory, they are falling down his throat in one shot, but in the next, it appears that they just started falling at said shot. This couldn't be his stomach because, in reality, fish are stuck in the throat so babies can eat them through the mouth of the adult. A pelican's throat isn't that long, and it's unknown why they start falling at the second shot. The said second shot also has sunlight at the top of the throat.
  • Pearl and her father Ted appear to have mouths drawn just below their eyes, much like a typical cartoon octopus. In real life, a flapjack octopus' mouth, like those of other octopi, is located under their bodies, where their tentacles are based. Based on this, this might suggest that what is supposed to be an actual octopus' mouth becomes Pearl's and Ted's anus.
  • Tad said that Nemo looked funny, and Bob slapped Sheldon and told him to be nice. It was Tad who said it, so why didn't his dad Phil tell him off?
  • Despite the Australian setting, Nigel, Gerald and the other pelicans are based on brown pelicans, which are native to North American coasts, not Australian coasts. A more appropriate species for the setting would be the native Australian pelican, which is mostly white with black and grey wings.
  • The sea turtles are all travelling via the EAC in a huge group. In real life, sea turtles do not travel together.
  • Although this movie portrays the idea that fish that are flushed down the drain are returned to the ocean unharmed, in reality, this is not the case. In reality, though any water that goes down a drain does reach the ocean eventually, it will first go through equipment that breaks down solids, meaning that Nemo would have been killed long before being released into the sea. Pixar extensively researched Sydney's sewage treatment facilities and planned a scene which would have shown Nemo plausibly getting past the grinding equipment unscathed, but this was cut for time.
  • The "species" mentioned in Mr. Ray's "Let's Name the Species" song are actually classes, not species.
  • When the Tank Gang are floating in the ocean in their plastic bags, the water levels in the bags are a few inches above that of the ocean. The two water levels should be the same.
  • When the Whale drops Marlin and Dory off at Sydney Harbour, if you look very closely at the Moon, it's facing the right-side-up (Tycho Crater, the large crater on its southern hemisphere, is facing down). However, since the Moon is always right-side-up in real life, this would mean that when viewed from Earth's southern hemisphere it would appear upside-down (Tycho Crater is facing up).
  • Bloat and Jacques both live inside Dr. Sherman's fish tank, but in real life, those two animals are not allowed to be together as pufferfish are natural predators of cleaner shrimp.
  • Mr. Ray and the three sharks, despite all being male, appear to lack claspers. This was most likely done on purpose to make the movie appropriate for children.
  • Chuckles was mentioned to be a tank gang member. However, Chuckles is a goldfish and therefore couldn't possibly survive in a saltwater tank.
  • When Dr. Sherman grabs Nigel and tosses him, Marlin and Dory out the window, the "Floss!" crocodile poster located to the right of the window mysteriously changes positions.
  • When Marlin and Coral are overlooking the entrance to their nest before the barracuda kills her and all of her eggs except Nemo's, the cluster of eggs mysteriously moves closer to the nest entrance between shots.
  • In the first shot of Marlin and Coral overlooking at their eggs, they are not seen in the view. When Marlin suggests naming the kids, some eggs are seen in the same view where they weren't seen
  • When Marlin discovers Nemo's egg, you can see his fins are too short to touch each other, but he can still pick up the egg and his fins overlap.
  • When Nigel puts Marlin and Dory in the water, the skies are cloudy and it's raining, but when the two fish swim underwater, the sun is strangely shining through the water.
  • If Gill and the Tank Gang were planning to go out through the window while in the plastic bags, the bags would have burst open and popped when dropped to the ground.
  • When Dr. Sherman puts Gill back into the tank after dropping Nemo into the spit sink so he can escape from Darla, we see the waiting room from behind the tank, but the boy and mother inside the waiting room are gone. Although the mother must have either postponed or cancelled her son's dental appointment, and they both left after seeing what happened in the dentist's office earlier when Dr. Sherman was fighting off Nigel. From their point of view, he looked like as if he was hurting Darla.

The Incredibles (2004)

  • During the interviews at the beginning of the film, Elastigirl's microphone is missing.
  • While Bob argues with Mr. Huph about the Walker policy after the 15-years-ago prologue, Bob's little bucket of pencils falls on its side. Then he puts it back up placed on the left side of his right hand (near the middle of the desk). When Mr. Huph leaves, it is inexplicably placed on the right side of Bob's right hand (at the desk's edge) and thus causing it to fall off the edge when Bob sits.
  • When Bob just comes back home from work, if you look on the driveway, there's nothing there. However, a skateboard suddenly appears on the driveway when Bob comes out of his car and therefore makes him almost fall to the ground.
  • When Lucius is putting aftershave on in front of the mirror in his apartment, he hears Omnidroid v.10 outside and runs to the window. He leaves the bottle of aftershave on the desk with the lid off. He returns to open the drawer, and the lid is back on.
  • While the family eats dinner at the table, the food keeps changing position. The commentators of the DVD discuss this during the featured scene.
  • After the dinner table scene, Bob leaves to go out with Frozone. Then Helen turns to talk to Dash. In the first shot, all the broccoli pieces sit around the steak on Dash's plate. Then the shot changes and a broccoli piece is suddenly sitting atop the piece of steak.
  • When Helen and Violet are talking at the dinner table, Violet's fork changes position a few times between shots.
  • After Bob gets back home from "re-living the glory days", you can see a barbecue in the backyard on the concrete deck. But when the camera shows an aerial view of the house at the end of the scene, the barbecue is on the grass.
  • Violet's part changes sides a few times throughout the film. It is usually on the left side of her head, but it is on the right at the end of the dinner table scene (after Bob has left with Lucius) and when Helen first discovers her and Dash on the plane. This was likely done on purpose because the camera in both of those scenes is focused on the right side of her face, so her face would not have been visible if her part was on the proper side. Also, hair was so difficult to animate. To save time and expense, they switched the part in Violet's hair to show her face when needed.
  • Violet's invisibility powers seem to be limited on her own body. (That was shown in the first scene with her at her school and where she secretly listened to the controversy of her parents, where only her head and hands were invisible but not her clothes.) While her Edna Mode-made supersuit is able to become invisible along with her body, her hairband is not part of the suit. It should therefore still be visible, but it's not.
  • When Mr. Incredible crashes into the building trying to save a man, his shadow disappears.
  • When Helen Parr is talking on the phone to Edna Mode, the phone and phone cord have no shadows even though Helen's shadow appears on the wall behind her.
  • Right after Mr. Incredible lands on the island to find the Omnidroid, he starts to stretch and the camera angle changes, showing us his fat belly that sticks out of his shirt. During the rest of the movie, the suit is a one piece, so this wouldn't be possible.
  • When Syndrome reminds Mr. Incredible about his line "I work alone," he is not holding Bomb Voyage in the flashback scene as he did in the original scene (this could, however, be explained as Syndrome's distorted perspective of the event).
  • When Frozone is taking a drink when the police are at gunpoint, he leaves the water jug on and no water comes out.
  • Although the Omnidroid 08 had the "8" on its shell, Mirage referred to it as "9000".
  • The Omnidroid v.X3's computer graphic in the Operation Kronos database is a repeat of the v.X1's.
  • In the profile of Mr. Incredible on Syndrome's computer, his defeat of the Omnidroid 08 is absent.
  • Syndrome dies in The Incredibles in a plane accident. However, he appears alive and well in Disney Infinity.
    • It is likely that The Incredibles Play Set is set in an alternate universe where Syndrome survived the explosion, especially that the makers of the game said that in Syndrome releases some Omnidroids into Metroville rather than taking Jack-Jack. It could also be that there was a clone of Syndrome.
  • When Mr. Incredible and Frozone are tackling the fire, Frozone complains that he can't use his ice-making power because there is no water in the air. Yet the two are surrounded by burning wood, which gives off water.
  • When Mr. Incredibles checks on the newspaper, we can see that the date says Monday, May 23 1962. But in real life, 23 May 1962 is actually on a Wednesday. 

Cars (2006)

Cars poster.jpg
  • The first teaser poster showed Lightning McQueen under a tarp with part of it hiked up to show his smiling mouth. For some reason, that illustration showed him with rear-view mirrors, which actual stock cars (and Lightning himself in the actual film) do not have.
  • At the very beginning of the film, Lightning McQueen claims that there are 43 racecars competing in the race (just like in NASCAR in real life). But in the actual race, there are only 36 cars racing each other. A 36 car field, however, does exist in NASCAR's Camping World Truck Series field.
  • At the beginning of the film, The King's eyes are brown. During and immediately after his wreck, however, his eyes are the same shade of blue as his paint. At the end of the movie, while The King, his wife and Junior are in the museum, his eyes are brown again.
  • At one point, Aiken Axler appears at the Shiny Wax pit stop when he should be at the Nitroade pit stop.
  • When Lightning rides on the wall to pass Rusty Cornfuel and Floyd Mulvihill, he passes Winford Bradford Rutherford, Sage VanDerSpin, and goes to Slider Petrolski, however, if you notice, past him are Todd Marcus, Ernie Gearson, and Winford again, as if there were 2 RPM cars with the same body, but there's not.
  • In the same scene, the scoring pylon shows that the racers with the numbers 3, 9 and 113 are at the 8th, 9th and 10th positions, but there are no racers bearing those numbers.
  • During the close-up of "Petrol" Pulaski giving Winford Bradford Rutherford oil, Chief RPM can be seen colored yellow. However, during the scene with all of the pit crews, he is colored white.
  • In the first Piston Cup race at the beginning, Darrell is wondering if Lightning will be the first rookie to win a Piston Cup. Doc Hudson won his first Piston Cup in 1951, but the Hudson Hornets were first built in 1951, meaning that Doc may actually be the first rookie to win a Piston Cup. But Darrell also says "... and land Dinoco?", so he could mean the first rookie to do both.
  • When Lightning goes spinning off the track in the first race, Johnny Blamer is seen in between Eugene Carbureski and Misti Motorkrass. But when Chick Hicks starts the crash, Johnny Blamer is seen further up in 8th place.
  • When Chick says "Dinoco is all mine", if you look closely at Kevin Shiftright, you can see his eyes are wonky.
  • When the car crash starts, you can see Chick Hicks knocking Winford Bradford Rutherford off the track, who then crashes into Murray Clutchburn, who then crashes into Johnny Blamer. Look carefully in the shot after Chick says "Ha! Get through that, McQueen!" and you'll see that James Cleanair is shown instead of Murray Clutchburn.
  • During the shot of the crash from the hood of Brush Curber we see Rusty Cornfuel hit Brush in the rear and Rusty turns sideways, but the next scene shows Rusty driving straight.
  • When the car crash starts, after the camera zooms out you can see that Eugene Carbureski made it through the wreck, clearly, but in the next few frames it shows Eugene in the wreck.
  • In all the first person close-ups of Lightning in the wreckage, all the racers constantly change places despite already being past. For example, Ponchy Wipeout can be barely seen to the left of the screen in the first close-up of Lightning, but then as Lightning approaches Todd Marcus and Claude Scruggs, he is seen again to the right side of the screen spinning around.
  • When the race restarts, Chuck Armstrong is seen starting third to last during the closeup of Chick (Chuck is seen ahead of Misti Motorkrass and Greg Candyman) even though Chuck was towed out of the race during the pit stop.
  • When Lightning takes a pit stop, the scoring pylon shows that the racer with the number 65 is in the 7th position, but there is not a racer with that number.
  • When Lightning blows his first tire, the screen cuts to the scoreboard, which shows that the No. 80 (Sage VanDerSpin) car is in 4th place. However, Kevin Shiftright (No. 121) was running in fourth place during the final lap.
  • When The King and Chick are catching up to Lightning on the last lap, Murray Clutchburn's eyes are animated abnormally far apart. Murray's eyes can also be seen very far apart and small in other shots of the race.
  • During the final lap of the first race, the last 2 cars continually change from Kevin Racingtire and Slider Petrolski to Todd Marcus and Claude Scruggs, despite the fact that the four cars are nowhere near each other and that Claude Scruggs and Todd Marcus didn't make it through the crash, but the other 2 did.
  • On the last lap of the first race, Lightning blows a tire and swerves a bit while Darrell Cartrip says, "Oh no! McQueen has blown a tire!" The camera changes scenes for about 3 seconds and then shows the large TV. However, the TV shows the same exact swerve, and the signal couldn't possibly take so long.
  • Though Lightning blew both his back tires during the first race, when he is interviewed by Kori Turbowitz, a pitty is seen taking his rear tire even though it should be just a rim.
  • At the scene after the first race, when Lightning McQueen poses for the paparazzi, we can see Dash Boardman at the left behind Mia and he is green. But when the security SUVs push Mia and Tia away, we can see that Dash Boardman is brown .
  • Shot of the confetti underneath Lightning and Chick, and not hitting them.

    After the first race, in the scene where Lightning is rushing out on the stage thinking he is the winner, loads of confetti is shot out when the King and Chick Hicks gets onto the stage. The confetti is then falling down, but not a single flake hits any of the cars. However, in the following shots, you can see plenty of it on the stage underneath the cars, even though they haven't moved.
  • When Mack begins to pull over to the truck stop, he is overtaken by Leroy Traffik. Leroy makes a lane change to the right and goes in front of Mack, but Leroy's left indicator is flashing when it should be his right indicator flashing.
  • When the Delinquent Road Hazards are fooling around with Mack, the camera does a closeup shot of Snot Rod revving his engine, and you can see the throttle butterflies closing when he revs higher. They should be opening, not closing, with higher revs.
  • Before Lightning falls off the end of Mack's trailer, you can see Snot Rod and one of the other cars running alongside the trailer. But when the camera moves to show Lightning coming off the trailer, you can see alongside the trailer in the background, and the cars are now missing. The camera switches back to the front of Mack, and the cars are back alongside again.
  • When a sleeping Lightning is about to fall out of his trailer, Snot Rod is missing in the scene.
  • In some scenes, both of Mater's back tires are brown. But in other scenes, they are yellow on the right, and silver on the left.
  • When Mater explains that Radiator Springs is the cutest little town in Carburetor County, the DVD and Blu-ray subtitles misspell Carburetor County as "Carburettor County".
  • When Luigi says to Sally that he has tires at his store, the DVD and Blu-ray subtitles mistakenly don't capitalize the "t" in "tires".
  • An apparent rendering error: at the scene when Luigi offers his service to Van and Minny, we can see Guido juggling wheels. When Guido finishes his juggling with all the wheels over his right lift, his back wheel seems to overstep his own bodywork.
  • In the tractor tipping scene, Mater demonstrates to Lightning how to do it by using two tractors before Lightning's first try. And then, when Lightning revs his engine at full throttle, and we have a wide open shot of the field, we can see that all the tractors in the field are still turning. Missing are the two already tipped by Mater. However, it could be that those tractors got upright before Lightning tips all of the tractors, according to the video games.
  • In the scene where Mater is rounding up the tractors while Lightning is chasing Doc, the DVD and Blu-ray subtitles mistakenly refer to the tractors as trucks.
  • In the aerial shot of Radiator Springs and the area around it during Lightning and Sally's drive, Frank's field is nowhere to be seen even though it is implied to be near the town.
  • An apparent rendering error: as the camera pans through a crowd entering the stadium where the final race is being held, Vern has his left front wheel clipping through his fender until the camera gets closer.
  • When the jets are flying over the Los Angeles International Speedway, Pixar Animation Studios can be seen in the background. In reality, Pixar Animation Studios is in Emeryville, not Los Angeles. However, it could be that in the film, there is another Pixar Studios in Los Angeles.
  • Before the start of the final race, when Chick is bragging to Lightning, the sun is reflecting off of Chick's "C in a thundercloud" sticker, displaying a clearly visible letter C on Lightning's paint. Based on the orientation of Chick's sticker, the C should be displayed backwards in the reflection, not forward as it is shown.
  • At the scene of the final race, when Lightning McQueen discovers that his friends from Radiator Springs are his pit crew, the camera shows the pit crew, and we can see that Mack has his headphones on. Right after that, another camera shows a closer view to the pit crew, and Mack doesn't have his headphones on anymore. But on the next scenes of the race, we can see that he still has the headphones on.
  • Chick Hicks was not seen behind Lightning when he tried to stop right before the finish line at Los Angeles.
  • The DVD and Blu-ray subtitles misspell "brakes" as "breaks".

Ratatouille (2007)

  • Right before Chef Skinner exits the kitchen in an attempt to stop the soup from being delivered, there's no ladder to the right of the door. Then, when Skinner re-enters the kitchen, a ladder appears next to the door.
  • Right before Anton Ego eats the ratatouille, there is a shot of the right side of his face and his left hand holding a fork with the ratatouille on it. Very close to his left hand, in that same shot, is also a glass of wine, a lamp, and a small pot of flowers. Then, right before the image zooms away from him into his flashback in the next shot, after eating the ratatouille, the shot shows a glass of wine and now a bottle of wine next to his left hand, while the lamp and pot of flowers moved closer to his right hand.
  • When Colette asks, "What did the customer say?", there is no ladder in front of the stove. Then, right before Skinner tastes the soup, he's able to pull out a ladder from the front of the stove.
  • When Remy fixes the soup that Linguini has ruined, Remy uses a large wooden spoon to stir the soup. When Remy is caught cooking by Linguini, he leaves the spoon in the soup. A few seconds later, the spoon is no longer in the soup and disappears.
  • If Remy was planning to escape and Linguini was told to dispose of him, why couldn't Linguini just simply throw Remy out the window so that he could escape easily?
  • After Chef Skinner says, "No, no, no, no, no, no!" he gets up and kicks a green cabinet, causing the top and bottom drawers to open. The screen then pans left as Skinner opens some window blinds to view Linguini. After a quick cut to his lawyer, it cuts back to Skinner. Skinner walks back to his desk, and you can clearly see the bottom drawer of the cabinet is closed.
  • At the start, Mabel prepared her rifle. When she ran out of bullets, she dropped all of the bullets in the box, grabbed one bullet, and the rest of them are still on the floor. But before the other rats got caught and Mabel runs away, the other bullets are gone.
  • Also at the start, when Mabel takes out her rifle from a basket, the basket was knocked over and Mabel wasn't seen picking up the basket. A few seconds later, the basket was back standing up.
  • Linguini trapped Remy inside a jar after he got spotted in the kitchen. Yet at the scene when they went to the river after Remy runs away from Linguini, he leaves the jar on the floor. The camera then pans back to Remy. Yet, when he goes near Linguini, the jar (the one what Linguini used) is gone.
  • When all of the chefs are cooking, the door (which is the entrance for the waiters) is colored red. However, in the end, the door is green.
  • The DVD version of the film displays many of the signs, documents and papers in French; however, the version run in theatres and television stations displays them in English. This was likely done for ease of understanding; DVDs can be paused whilst one Googles a term, but not everybody has the equipment to pause a live TV broadcast, and movies cannot be paused.
  • When Colette is about to motorcycle away from the restaurant (thinking that Linguini does not need her anymore), she has a helmet, but for the rest of the film she does not wear her helmet whilst she is on her motorcycle.
  • When Remy is back in the colony and talks to his father, you can clearly see a cup right in front of Remy, it was standing almost close to the edge of the table. After a quick cut to Django, the screen cuts to Remy and you can see the cup standing close to the edge of the table.

WALL•E (2008)

  • After the escape pod scene (but before the "dance"), WALL•E uses a fire extinguisher to fly back and forth. Between every camera shot except one, all the extinguisher particles disappear instantly.
  • The sky over WALL•E's city is totally covered, from horizon to horizon, with thick brown clouds. When the Earth is seen from space at the beginning of the film, there is no such cloud cover anywhere on the planet. The clouds appear out of nowhere as the camera zooms down.
  • When EVE is reactivated on the Axiom bridge, she "sits up" on her transport bed. The camera shot changes and she's "standing" well in front of the bed rather than on it or even right next to it.
  • As a trash compactor, WALL•E doesn't function logically. When he fills his chest compartment with garbage and runs his internal compactor, the cube that exits his body is the same volume as the trash he puts in, despite that trash having been compacted. He doesn't add extra trash to fill the empty space after running the compactor -- there are three scenes that show him filling up only once with loose garbage and then ejecting a densely compacted cube.
  • No plant could really survive the vacuum of space and being shaken around as much as what happened to it. 
  • In the Lido Deck set flythroughs released with the WALL•E Blu-Ray DVD, the Axiom Command Tower has a blue hemisphere attached to its normally flat top, but only for a few seconds when the camera passes through a glass tunnel.
  • When WALL•E and EVE are in the trash area on the Axiom, the WALL•As blow all the cubes into outer space. The next cubes they make are the two that WALL•E and EVE are in. When they put the cubes in the airlock, there are many cubes there that weren't there before.
  • In the film, the Kuiper Belt is depicted as a dark interstellar cloud. In real life, it is an Asteroid Belt-like region located just beyond the orbit of Neptune and contains a majority of the Solar System's dwarf planets like Pluto, Eris, Haumea and Makemake.
  • On the way to the Axiom, the Sputnik-1 satellite is stuck in WALL•E's head, but Sputnik-1 actually burned up in the atmosphere in 1958, dozens of years before the Axiom.
  • REM-E got stuck on the cube where EVE got stuck. When the cubes go out in space and EVE saw WALL•E, REM-E was on the ground. But for some seconds, REM-E had vanished.
  • On the way to the Axiom, the drop shuttle carrying WALL•E passes by a giant, blue-ringed planet. According to the script and the novelization, the planet is identified as Saturn. But in real life, Saturn is a light grayish-yellow color, and the planet is blue and resembles Neptune instead.
  • WALL•E and the drop shuttle both make noise in space and can be heard. In reality, space, being a vacuum, doesn't contain air, which carries sound. Therefore, no sound should have been heard.
  • After the garbage airlock scene, a SECUR-T bot (Steward) catches VN-GO and stands behind his paint stain. But when WALL•E and EVE burst out in front of him, he is standing in front of the paint stain.
  • The Captain refers to day 255,642 of the flight of the Axiom as being the 700th anniversary of the departure. A 700-year period in the Gregorian calendar is actually 255,673 or 255,674 days, depending upon exactly when it starts.

Up (2009)

  • Factual error: The number of balloons shown wouldn't be nearly enough to lift the house, much less rip it loose from utility pipes/cables. Pixar researched this and decided to go with what looks good on film, rather than with accuracy.
  • Factual error: Kevin's colored feathers would tell it's a boy, not a girl, based on the fact that male Himalayan monal pheasants (the bird that the creators of Up based Kevin's colors on) have colorful feathers, while females do not.
  • When the house first detaches from its foundation and becomes airborne, Russell is nowhere to be seen, although every angle of the house is shown, including underneath, the front porch and the back porch. He knocks on the door and tells Carl he chased a "snipe" under the porch - but he can't be seen after liftoff and prior to knocking. It's also worth noting that the short George and A.J. showed that Russell was clinging to the bottom of the house when it took off when he clearly isn't seen doing so in the film.
    • If the porch is seen from a side view, you can see that there is a tiny space between the top of the porch and its foundation on the ground (which is at the same level as the rest of the bottom of the house). Therefore, it is possible, though unlikely, that Russell was in this space when the house lifted.
  • Factual error: Cumulonimbus clouds don’t look gray if viewed from outside. In real life, the outside of a cumulonimbus cloud looks white, but the base is gray.
  • Factual error: An un-powered balloon or airship (such as Carl's house) isn't steerable; it goes where the wind is going. (Boats and ships can steer because they have the friction of the water to push against; airships such as Muntz's can steer because they have huge engines to push them in the desired direction.)
  • When Russell is complaining, when he says, "Zoology.", his face is covered in dirt. When Carl tells him that he can do his business in the bushes, he is instantly clean.
  • After trying to get his balloon back, young Carl falls and breaks his arm. The ambulance that picks him up has a modern-day electronic siren when in the '30s, it would be a mechanical siren and would be much smaller.
  • During the scene where Carl and Russell start to walk the house towards Paradise Falls, Carl looks up to the house and says, "Don't you worry, Ellie. We'll get our house over there." The next shot shows the picture of Ellie, and through the window, you can see Carl and Russell towing the house from further away. You can hear Russell say, "This is fun already.", which transitions into a different shot of them. In this shot, Carl and Russell are towing the house from almost directly underneath the house, instead of more out in front of it.
  • During the first night Russell and Carl spend in South America, Russell tries to pitch up a tent, which results in self-injury. A few cuts later, the injury is gone. (However, this is likely more of a stylistic choice than an unintentional mistake, as the producers likely didn't want to show Russell with a red patch over his left eye for the rest of the movie.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

  • A graph editing mistake: When the toys are discussing if they're getting thrown away in the garage, look very closely and you'll see Mr. Potato Head's shoes slightly sink into the ground (only in the trailer).
  • In the beginning of the movie, we see Mr. Potato Head has only one eye so Andy can pretend he's wearing an eye patch. But later on, when Andy's Mom is filming him, Mr. Potato Head suddenly regains his other eye. Mrs. Potato Head also has both her eyes from real life perspective, even though Andy is pretending she also has an eyepatch.
  • When Woody looks through Andy's old photos, there is an old "Humble Beginnings" concert ticket dated Saturday, November 17, 2009. In reality, November 17, 2009 was a Tuesday.
  • In the scene where they try to reset Buzz Lightyear, Barbie removes two screws that hold Buzz's back compartment. However, at no point, they did not re-screw the compartment closed. It just stays shut for the rest of the movie.
  • Woody tells Bullseye that he can't have him alone in the attic; however, earlier he mentioned that the guys of the Christmas decoration box would be in the attic.
  • When Woody attempts to free one of the Aliens from the dumpster, Lotso was able to grab Woody by his foot. However, Lotso is not tall enough and therefore could not grab his foot. But it could be that he climbed on top of trash in the dumpster to do so.
  • When the toys first arrive to Sunnyside and are still in the box, the side of the box clearly says Sunnyside. After they fall out, Lotso is showing them Sunnyside and the scene shows all the toys looking at them. If you look at the box in the background it no longer says Sunnyside.
  • The model train in the prologue in various storybook illustrations and promotional media, for some reason, despite being pulled by a Civil War-era 4-4-0 steam locomotive, actually lacked a tender despite the locomotive not resembling a tank locomotive. However, in the actual film, that locomotive correctly has that tender.
  • When Woody sneaks out of the Caterpillar Room, he emerges out of a "Wet Floor" sign, but when the janitor appears, the sign is suddenly gone.
  • Buzz's toy position in the first two films is when it looks like he is frowning while his teeth are showing. However, in this movie, he now does a happy face while showing his teeth.
  • When the Monkey tries to look at all of the surveillance screens on the computer, he can also hear Ken and Mr. Potato Head's voices. However, in real life, guards cannot hear a person's voice when he/she sees it talking on the surveillance screens.
  • When Buzz first requests a switch to the Butterfly Room, Lotso's gang was cheering and clapping, and Chunk switched his angry face to a happy face. But when they were switching Buzz to Demo Mode, Chunk is seen still with his angry face.
  • When the toys hear Andy about to come into his room, Woody and Buzz left the bottom drawer open, but when Andy comes into his room with Molly, the drawer is suddenly closed.
  • If this film is played in English descriptive audio service 2.0, in the scene where Rex struggles to find something metal, the narrator says that Rex pulls out a cookie, but in the film, he actually pulls out a soda can.
  • When this film was first broadcast in the UK on BBC1, Christmas Day 2013, there were no subtitles when Buzz was speaking Spanish. This mistake was resolved in further reruns.
  • The Chatter Telephone tells Woody that the Monkey sees everything, but it somehow didn't notice that Buzz broke out of the Caterpillar Room after the first day. In fact, it wasn't until Buzz ran into Big Baby in the vending machine that the Sunnyside toys knew he was gone.
  • When Lotso is thrown into the dumpster by Big Baby, he shut the dumpster lid. This makes it impossible for one of the Aliens to have gotten his feet stuck into the dumpster.

Cars 2 (2011)

  • Comparison of a shot where Lightning has his correct wheels, with the scene where he has the wrong wheels

    For the Tokyo race, Lightning McQueen has logically on his racing wheels. However, in one scene, when the start lights are showing, Lightning is seen with his party wheels on instead of his racing wheels. In the rest of the race, he has his race wheels on.
  • When Mater was at the airport entering the terminal, you could see a mark on his side that showed that his symbol was scraped off. But when he was going through the gate, the mark wasn't there anymore.
  • The black Mercedes-Benz on this image can be seen going half-through the floor

    Some cars in the crowd attending the Porto Corsa race have sunk through the floor.
  • Shot of Lightning forming the World Grand Prix logo

    Although Lightning McQueen had not joined the World Grand Prix yet, you can see him in his WGP design forming the globe in the ad on The Mel Dorado Show. However, it could have been finished with every racer that was invited before Lightning declined the invite. But even then, it is inconsistent that he appears with his World Grand Prix customizations, that he hadn't then. It could be that they had Lightning's World Grand Prix customization planned before he declined the invite.
  • In the bathroom scene: When Mater enters the bathroom, none of the stalls are open except the one he goes into. When Rod "Torque" Redline comes in, they are all open except the one Mater is in. There is only about 15 seconds in between Mater and Rod "Torque" Redline, so it is very unlikely that all the cars had exited their stalls by then. However, it could be that the cars exited their stalls when Mater sees the toilet and before he went into his stall, as well as that when a mini blue car exits the stall Mater goes into.
  • After Lightning McQueen, Mater, Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell confront Professor Zündapp, you can clearly see that he is attached to Finn. But right before Holley tazes him, he is not attached at all. But it might be that Finn unattached Professor Z while the bomb was taking a minute off.
  • When Mater goes to hook up to Victor Hugo from Karl Haulzemoff, he attaches his hook to the front left wheel. As Mater pulls him in to the back room of the casino to join the rest of the cars, the hook is attached to the front right wheel. However, it is possible that Victor made Mater change wheels.
  • When Holley, Finn and Mater are trapped in Big Bentley, it is emphasized that they move closer to their death every minute, starting at the top of the hour. Later, when the clock is being reversed, it shows fifteen minutes had passed. Originally, when Holley and Finn were moving closer to the gears, they only moved a few times, suggesting only a few minutes had passed.
  • At the World Grand Prix welcome party, Francesco Bernoulli appears during a short scene with different wheels, with gray wheel trims and no inscriptions.

    The shot where Francesco bears different wheels, compared with another appearance with normal wheels.

  • When Mater was on the phone, he was not on-screen on the TV. But when Francesco was being mean to Lightning, he somehow knew that Mater was a tow truck even though he wasn't on screen. However, it could be that Mater said that he is a tow truck before Lightning and Sally came in. Another explanation is that Francesco thinks that all tow trucks sound like Mater, and so he calls him one as well. The most likely explanation of this is that Lightning is world-famous and thus various details about him, including his friends, are widely known as is the way with celebrities, although Darrell Cartrip said that he doesn't know Mater when he actually did in the Cars video game.
  • After the bomb was deactivated, two police cars surrounded Miles Axlerod. One of them was black and the other one was grey/gray with blue and green squares. After Mater opens Miles Axlerod's hood/bonnet to show his engine, the black police car then changes, matching the other one.
  • When Mater wakes up from his nightmare, the time on Big Bentley says 3 o'clock, but it chimes 5 times.
  • When Guido tries to take the bomb off Mater, the time on it said 2 minutes and about 38 seconds. But when Mater bows to the Queen just before the guards notice the bomb, the time on it said 1 minute and about 52 seconds. Lightning and Mater's conversation and them flying to Buckingham Palace took more than a minute between these scenes.
  • When the bombs on Tony Trihull's magnet explode, the explosion was big enough to kill Finn McMissile and Professor Z. However, in the following scenes, they were still alive. Although, it is likely that the two were able to escape the detonation range before it exploded. Although the magnet was still activated when Tony explodes, so it would've been hard for Finn and Professor Z to escape in time.
  • In the credits, there was a paper revealing that Mater was knighted on Tuesday 15th July 2011. In real life, 15th July in 2011 was on a Friday, not Tuesday.
  • In the scene right when Mater and Lightning enter Buckingham Palace, look in the background. There is a mountain there. Then the scene shows Finn and Holley entering, then it has Lightning and Mater moving closer to the Queen. In that scene, the mountain is a now a big building.
  • When Mater was driving through London using the rockets and had Lightning holding on to him, there was a blue Gremlin telling Grem and Acer that Mater and Lightning are coming their way. Beside the blue Gremlin was a sign on a wall which was mentioning about some drinks in a cafe, including oil teas. One of the words on the sign was "favorite", which was spelt "favorite" on the sign, even though it was being shown in London (and showing the British name for gasoline: "petrol"), as the UK spells "favorite" with a "u", spelling it as "favourite".
  • Although Tokyo Mater ended with the villain Kabuto being stripped of his modifications after losing to Mater in a drift race, in his appearance here, he can be seen with his modifications again. However, it could be that was another car that looks like Kabuto, perhaps the story never happened, or it is most likely that Kabuto got his modifications back after the story.
  • In the film, Holley Shiftwell gets a dent when she prevents Grem and Acer from getting Lightning McQueen and Mater. However, in Cars 2: The Video Game, Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure and Disney Infinity, the dent isn't there.
  • When Acer and Petey Pacer discover that Finn is still alive when they try to get Mater, Finn was holding a fire extinguisher and shoots foam onto their eyes. Acer and Petey then couldn't see where they're going. Petey Pacer and Acer were driving in the same direction until Petey turns left and runs into a police car while Acer went on straight ahead. In the shot when Petey starts to turn left, Acer is driving towards the poles holding the crowd and past the pit building. But in the shot when Petey Pacer runs into the police car, Acer is then shown driving past some buildings. However, it could be that when Petey is driving left, Acer was driving left as well, and Petey drives left again before Acer goes on straight ahead.
  • On the race track in Tokyo, the road leading to Rainbow Bridge seemed to have a few mistakes. In reality, the road has a railway in the middle. However, on the race track in the film, the railway track isn't there. Two roads connect to Rainbow Bridge. In the film, the road that was part of the race track goes over the other road on Rainbow Bridge. But in reality, the two roads are the opposite.
  • When Lightning says that he will still use Allinol in the final race in London, he mentions about Mater, which Mater had his eyelids pointing up. In the next shot, when Brent Mustangburger mentions to the audience what Lightning said about still using Allinol, Mater's eyelids then suddenly change their position, so it should be that it might have skipped a bit.
  • When Grem uses the pulse generator to try to kill Lightning in the last race, the racers seem to be driving across Westminster Bridge and past Big Ben/Big Bentley. However, when Mater got free and drove out of the clock tower, it looks as if there is traffic on that same road leading to Westminster Bridge.
  • In the introduction before the first race in Tokyo starts, when the announcers mention Lightning McQueen, there was a box showing Lightning from on the track when the rest of the screen shows an aerial view. Miguel Camino is between Lightning and Nigel Gearsley, which all of the racers are turning side to side in the test before the start of the race. Miguel is only seen once on the box showing Lightning from his front, and only Nigel is seen on it for the rest of the time that it is being shown.
  • When John Lassetire (John Lasseter) is in his World Grand Prix customization, his eyes were brown. However, when he changed it after the World Grand Prix, which he was green with wooden doors, his eyes then changed to blue, which is actually Lasseter's eye color.
  • During the introduction before the race in Porto Corsa, when Darrell starts talking, the DVD and Blu-ray subtitles accidentally say Brent's name when it shows who is talking when that character's mouth is not shown.
  • The circuit of the London heat of the World Grand Prix goes through the middle archway of Admiralty Arch. In reality, this archway is opened only for (rare) State occasions, and only the Royal entourage is allowed through it; in everyday traffic use, only the other two arches are used. However, it could be that in the film, they were allowed permission to use the middle archway in the circuit.
  • Before you see Finn McMissile at the party, on a bridge, there is Kabuto, but his eyes were brown instead of green. However, it may be due to the fact that Kabuto was probably wearing green contacts in Tokyo Mater, and that being of Asian origin, that brown is actually his normal eye color.
    • Despite the above, Ramone and Flo, despite being implied to be Latino and African American judging by their accents, actually, both have blue eyes.
  • When Grem and Acer leave Big Bentley, they use a lift/elevator. In real life, the Elizabeth Tower does not have a lift/elevator (although it will have one during its 2017-2021 restoration). This is most likely artistic licence; unless cars in the Cars universe have abilities we have not seen, there is no way they could drive up or down the narrow, steep and winding staircases in the real-life version of the tower.
  • Denise Beam in the men's bathroom.

    In the international version of the DVD/Blu-ray, several instances of written English text have been replaced with universal symbols or removed. However, on several occasions, it only happens when the screen focuses on them. For instance: The World Grand Prix racers' names on the wall of the pit building and the box with text showing when Lightning is talking about what fuel he will use in the final race in London.
  • The red telephone boxes in London are still human-sized in the Cars world, making them not big enough for the cars to get in.
  • When Mater goes into the bathroom, Denise Beam can be seen leaving the bathroom. This is a mistake because Denise Beam is a female, but she was in the bathroom for males.
  • For some reason, like the oil rigs, the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt as seen in the closing credits aren't car-ified. However, the Sphinx of Giza is.
  • In the subtitles for the audio commentary on Cars 2, John Lasseter describes Mater with "two miniguns" but the subtitles say "too many guns".
  • In the subtitles for the iTunes and Apple TV versions of the film, Stephenson's name is misspelt as "Stevenson."
  • Tony Trihull was shown when Finn McMissile starts chasing Professor Zündapp. It also shows the scene when Tony is using his magnet. When it was used, Finn's equipment was pulled by the magnet, which also includes his bullets. The bullets were colored black when all of them were going out. However, they turn gray when they are pulled onto the magnet.
  • When Mater tows Otis onto the road, Otis' tire seems to go through the oil leaked by him. However, no oil trail was made by it.
  • When Mater and Shiftwell are talking in the corridor, Mater's reflection is cast on the wall. However, Shiftwell's reflection isn't.
  • Before the Tokyo Race, Darrell Cartrip mentions that there is an early dirt section and the database shows that there is one for each race and in the first race Francesco is shown to slip and get lost on the dirt section. after he is in last place before making up for the ground. In Italy and London Francesco is shown to be just fine and keeping his position for the whole race. It is possible Francesco makes up his ground during the scenes with something else happening but he couldn't have done it that fast.
  • When Carla Veloso and Nigel Gearsley blow their engines on the second lap, it is on the casino bridge and before, they pass an intersection that goes the wrong way. When Grem and Acer target Shu Todoroki, the same intersection is seen and if you look carefully, Lightning McQueen and Francesco Bernouli are right in front of Shu and they were already on their second lap. They didn't have a third lap or else the time between Nigel and Shu blowing their engines would have been much much longer. This shows that for a while Carla Veloso and Nigel Gearsley were in front of Lightning and Francesco.
  • In the Tokyo Race, the Pit Row Order is: Lewis Hamilton, Max Schnell, Rip Clutchgoneski, Carla Veloso, Jeff Gorvette, Raoul ÇaRoule,Shu Todoroki, Francesco Bernoulli, Lightning McQueen, Miguel Camino, and Nigel Gearsley. But when the race begins, the pit order suddenly changes to Max Schnell, Rip Clutchgoneski, Raoul CaRoule, Nigel Gearsley, Francesco Bernoulli, Shu Todoroki, Lewis Hamilton, Carla Veloso, Jeff Gorvette, Lightning McQueen and Miguel Camino. After that, it changes back.
  • Mater, an American, is knighted at the end of the film, becoming Sir Tow Mater. In real life, only British and Irish people can be knighted.
    • However, Americans can recieve a honorary knighthood, but can't be referred to as "Sir" or "Dame".
  • When Lightning introduces Francesco to Sally, Lightning's in his World Grand Prix design (which has decals of said event and the Allinol fuel in several parts of his body). However, when he shows Francesco the decal mocking him, the World Grand Prix logo from his spoiler and all Allinol decals disappear, leaving only two World Grand Prix decals behind Lightning´s 95.

Brave (2012)

  • One scene shows Queen Elinor dressing Merida up in a corset, but corsets weren't used until the 17th century.
  • One of the suitors is said to have defeated a group of Vikings while another is said to have defeated some Romans. The Vikings did not raid Scotland until AD 800, while the Romans left the British Isles in the 5th century.
  • The DunBroch Family can be seen eating with forks, but forks weren't invented until the 18th century.
  • King Fergus can be seen with a Harris' Hawk, but that bird is native only to North America, not Europe.
  • When Merida is climbing the Crone's Tooth, the cry of a Red-Tailed Hawk can be heard in the distance. Red-Tailed Hawks, like the Harris' Hawk, are also found only in North America.
  • When Wee Dingwall first sets up his attempt to shoot with a bow and arrow, he holds the arrow in his left hand, and the bow in right hand. Few seconds later, he now has the arrow in his right hand, and the bow in his left. But it could be that he was preparing to shoot the arrow correctly.
  • The arm wound Merida received after accidentally being attacked by Bear Elinor near the end of the film mysteriously heals itself after her younger brothers (also now bears) free her from being locked in her room so that she can stop her father from almost killing her mother.
  • All of the bears in the film are depicted with black fur, but in real life, bears native to Europe are colored brown. However, their black coloration may have been due to the Witch's magic. Also, bears were already extinct in Scotland since the last Ice Age, though wolves and boars still existed there at the time. Again, none of the bears seen in the movie are actual bears, but people turned into bears and were merely created from the Witch's magic.
  • During the dinner scene, while Queen Elinor is talking to Merida, the papers in front of her change position at a few points.
  • When Macintosh was introduced in front of Merida, Young Macintosh was nowhere to be found, but when the camera goes into him for a closer shot, Young Macintosh suddenly appears behind him.
  • When the witch tries to lure Merida out of the cottage, there is a hammer in front of Merida. However, when the weapons that the witch summoned stop, the hammer is gone.

Monsters University (2013)

  • In Monsters University, Mike and Sulley met in college. But at the beginning of Monsters, Inc., Mike told Sulley "You've been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade, pal." However, Mike could just be exaggerating the fact that Sulley has been jealous of Mike's good looks for a long time. Sulley had also stated in the original trailer for Monsters, Inc. that they knew each other in fifth grade when Mike would not pay attention during geography classes. Director Dan Scanlon has since said that the line from the first film is, "an old monster expression" and "That's what monsters always say to each other."
  • At the finale game, Mike Wazowski takes off his OK hat while he exhales. However, when he exits the robot kid's bedroom, his OK hat was gone.
  • In the beginning of the film, Karen Graves counted the students and there were twenty in total (including Mike himself). Mike would have easily gotten at least one partner because twenty is an even number. However, it's likely no one wanted to be with Mike and one decided to pair up with a group of three.
  • Shot in the closing credits of the Scare Card showing Carrie Williams' name and Britney Davis' photo.

    In the film's credits, Carrie Williams' name is seen on a Scare Card when the picture is actually of Britney Davis.
  • At the beginning, young Mike enters the room where Frank McCay entered. Mike went under a table, and a toy plane was shown near the bedroom door. It was still shown when the little kid's parents open the bedroom door. But when they close the door, the toy plane is gone. After a quick cut to Frank McCay, it cuts back to Mike, and we can see that the toy plane has reappeared.
  • When Oozma Kappa was practicing Hide and Seek for the Scare Games, Scott "Squishy" Squibbles was not shown. It is possible that it skipped Squishy when the game was done.
  • During the first morning at the Oozma Kappa house, Mike punches the bed, and Sulley's hair falls on him. Seconds later, there is no hair on him.
  • During the Don't Scare the Teen portion of the Scare Games, three members of Python Nu Kappa each scared a teenager and it was shown at a certain angle that they were trapped by the three teenagers and a maze wall. Seconds later, it was shown that all six members were actually trapped together and the maze wall was replaced with another accidentally scared teen.
  • As Sulley and Mike walk towards their beds after the former finished coaching the latter on roaring before the Scare Simulator portion of the Scare Games, it's imperative to look at the clock. The numbers on the clock were faded, but the "hour" part, said to be the 11th hour, was completely gone. However, once Mike got in his bed, the 11 reappeared.
  • Earlier in the movie, Mike stated that a fraternity/sorority needed six members to compete in the Scare Games, to which Hardscrabble and Pearson confirmed. Jaws Theta Chi, despite having five members, was somehow an exception, contradicting the statement. Their sixth supposed member, Baboso Goretega, appeared to be a Fear Tech student at the time.
  • It was shown that during the Scare Simulator competition, monsters in the stadium, whether it be the competitors or members of the audience, could see the competitors in play on a titantron as they attempt to scare the simulator child. During Randy's attempted scare, he got startled due to Sulley's thunderous roar in the other room, resulting in accidentally falling on a heart-patterend rug and gaining exposure of the carpet's pattern onto his own skin to his embarrassment. Without a doubt, every monster in the stadium could've and should've seen this, but somehow all of the members of Roar Omega Roar did not. It at least showed that Johnny was looking at the titantron the whole time, but even he somehow didn't notice until Randy came out and bumped into him that his skin had heart patterns.

Inside Out (2015)

  • We see Riley's short-term memories being sent to long-term at the end of the day when she goes to sleep. What actually happens is that short-term memories are processed into long-term continuously; if a memory doesn't become long-term within about ten seconds of creation, it is lost. This is probably another style choice (Pixar going with what works in terms of the plot, rather than what is realistic).
  • Sadness reads the mind manuals, indicating evidence that she knows how to read. However, later, when Bing Bong misreads a sign that says "Danger" as "Shortcut," Sadness doesn't point out that the sign says "Danger" when she tries to convince Joy to go around instead, which she should have been able to do, since she knows how to read.
    • According to the directors' commentary, this was deliberate. Sadness knows the room is dangerous, but her anxiety to get to the Train of Thought as soon as possible (and Bing Bong's assurance that he has been this way before several times and nothing has happened) dissuades her from pointing out the danger. Likewise, Joy is just as anxious to get to the Train, and her permanent hypomanic state causes her to disregard danger if a higher priority turns up. In any case, the directors felt the scene was funnier this way.
  • When Bing Bong starts crying candies, two of them land near his foot. When the camera zooms out as Joy reaches for them, those candies disappear.
  • When Riley is on the bus back to Minnesota, the bus is leaving San Francisco. The bus approaches the on-ramp to the Bay Bridge, and a sign says something about a toll ahead. However, there is no toll going eastbound on the Bay Bridge.
  • Joy and Sadness start their walk across Goofball Island when Riley is in her first class at school. Based on the size of the island, it should take no more than an hour to cross it. However, when they finally reach the end, Riley is at home eating dinner. However, it's possible that the scenes that featured Riley in class were skipped and that it just went on to the dinner scene.
  • The dream that Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong ruin shows Riley's teeth falling off in first person. However, her loose teeth are falling from above her eye level as if it's raining teeth, not coming from her mouth. This, of course, could be because it's a dream, as dreams rarely ever make sense.
  • There are no candy wrappers on the ground when Jangles starts chasing Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong.
  • The five Emotions can't leave Headquarters (as shown with Fear when he tries to leave but fails). However, Joy and Sadness were able to leave somehow, when Joy was trying to get the Core Memories.
  • While Fear, Disgust and Anger try to be like Joy, Disgust was on the left of the control panel, but when Anger takes control to make Riley tell her parents to shut up, Disgust is nowhere to be seen.
  • While Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust randomly control the panel when Riley first go in the new home, their memories are coming out; however, Sadness's memories were the only ones that did not come out.
  • During the dream scene, when Joy and Sadness (dressed up as a dog) come bursting in the set, they bump into a file cabinet and it moved, but when Bing Bong ruins the dream, the cabinet is suddenly placed back in its original position where it came from, which was next to the door.
  • While entering Dream Productions, there were actors dressed up as sheep. However, when the shot goes to a side shot of Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong looking at the movie posters, the actors are suddenly gone.
  • In the first shot of the movie, Riley's Mother is wearing her glasses, but when Riley's first happy memory is recorded, the glasses are missing.
  • When Riley makes a dream on her first day in San Francisco, her shirt changes. When we first see the Andersen family car, she is wearing a rainbow shirt, but in the second scene where the car lands, she wears her koala pajama shirt.
  • When Riley and her mother get broccoli pizza, Anger mentions that the Hawaiians ruined pizza by putting pineapples and ham on their pizza. However, Hawaiian pizza was actually invented in Chatham, Ontario, Canada.

The Good Dinosaur (2015)

  • One of Pixar's many deliberate mistakes for the sake of the story: It is believed that Apatosaurus was already extinct for millions of years by the time T-rexes arrived.
  • Arlo chases Spot into the river but when Arlo was stuck in a river, Spot was nowhere to be seen. However, he only reappeared when Arlo was far away from home after howling.
  • Arlo and Spot put sticks in the sand making their own families, but the next morning, the sticks were gone.
  • Libby and Buck were hatched out of their eggshells, but when Arlo was born, the eggshells are missing.
  • When Arlo looks in the silo, we can see a long corn standing around it. But when Arlo was about to grab Spot out of the silo, the long corn has disappeared.
  • Arlo sneaks up to the chicken field putting the corn on a huge trail. But when Arlo frees the chick before the grown-up chases him out of there, the corn trail was gone.
  • Libby sprays on Buck making him drop the logs from his mouth and then he shouts, "WHAT?!". Just as he was about to get his sister sprayed, the logs suddenly disappear.
  • Arlo's father drops the rock as Arlo almost runs into the river. Then in the shot when he was about to dump the corns into the silo, the rock suddenly disappears.
  • Arlo takes a brave step to rescue Spot instead of murdering him. But in the shot when Spot is finally free, the log was nowhere to be found.
  • In one scene when Arlo was backing up from Spot, the trap was suddenly gone.
  • When Arlo was resting in the ground we can see that the large rock was beside Arlo's head, while the next morning, it moved closer.
  • Spot constantly changes position after attacking a large insect just before Arlo whacks it away from him.
  • After Arlo falls from the cliff into the ground, we can see a log next to him. But when Spot was about to fight a Tetrapodophis, the log has suddenly disappeared.
  • After Arlo blows his nose into the hole, the gophers all pop up and were all climbing up on Arlo until in the next shot, they changed positions.
  • Spot was next to Arlo when he sees a pack of pterodactyls flying in the sky. But in the arial view, Spot cannot be seen.
  • When the T-rexes attack the pterodactyls, Thunderclap flies away until he gets bitten but somehow, he finally escaped.
  • Nash has found a piece of fur from a longhorn bison. But in one scene, it was not there. Then when Butch leads his children to the longhorns, the piece of fur has reappeared.
  • In the scene when Coldfront and Downpour captured Arlo, we can see that there was no wood branch after he chopped down a huge tree into them. Then when Thunderclap tries to fly with a hole on his left wing, it reappears as Arlo throws it to him, making him fall to the river.
  • Arlo survives the waterfall just before he rescued Spot and walks out of the water in the right direction but in the next shot, he walks out of the water in an upstream direction.
  • Arlo and Spot were usually tired after the waterfall drop but as the duo climbs up a mountain, they were instantly healed up.
  • Arlo draws a circle blocking Spot away from him but what bothers some people is that Arlo's neck wasn't that long to make a circle around his family.

Finding Dory (2016)

  • The scene of the first meeting of Marlin and Dory is shorter unlike the first film.
  • The giant squid that appears in this film has the ability to light up. However, the squids of small sizes are which can be lit, and there are no registers to say that giant squids have this capability. However, this error could be fixed when considering size comparisons from Finding Nemo, in which it is stated the Anglerfish, who dwarfed Marlin and Dory, was around tennis-ball sized by Pixar, which would mean that it could, in fact, be a normal sized squid and not a "giant squid", explaining this ability.
  • When Hank takes Dory to the map of the Marine Life Institute, he indirectly mentions to her that he lost a tentacle, when he should've said that he lost an arm, as an arm has suction cups all across the underside, whereas a tentacle only has suction cups on the tips.
  • Blue tangs do not breed in captivity.
  • When Hank gets out of the pot when he tries to disguise as a plant, the water inside the pot appears out of nowhere.
  • During the scene when Dory, Marlin, and Nemo hop from tank to tank, the mop bucket in the background disappears; then it reappears.

Cars 3 (2017)

  • The same mistake about the number of cars in the race from the first race recurs in this film.
  • There was no logo in the wall seen inside Mack's trailer but after a 'Doc Hudson' flashback closes, the N20 Cola logo is on the wall.
  • When Lightning is about to pass Reb Meeker and Speedy Comet, Jack DePost is seen, But when Lightning passes Speedy and Reb, Jack disappears
  • When Lightning, Bobby and Cal enter the pits, The King and an unknown blue pickup truck are merged together on Cal's pit crew stand.
  • When the Dinoco 400 finishes, Bobby Swift finishes the race as third by being in the right of Lightning McQueen, but the footage in Chick Hicks' show, Bobby is on the left side of Lightning.
  • Throughout the movie, Murray Clutchburn's paintjob differs. In some scenes the roof is teal, while in others it is orange.
  • In the Los Angeles 500, Tim Treadless is replaced by Aaron Clocker in some scenes.
  • We see that Chase Racelott is third but when Lightning flies, Eric Braker was shown. This an error showing during the race, Eric always replaced Chase.
  • The same error happened during the scene when Chase is shown in 3rd place while Eric is in twenty second place. Seconds later, Eric is in 3rd and Chase is in twenty second.
  • Harvey Rodcap is seen in the front row but when Jackson taunts Lighting, Harvey is at the very end. Seconds later, Harvey is in the front row.
  • Cam Spinner keeps disappearing during the race.
  • After Lighting McQueen gets the lead, Chris Roamin' and Tim Treadless are in 4th and 5th place when Cam Spinner and J.D. McPillar are supposed to be in 4th and 5th.
  • Also in the beginning, Mack's trailer is different. But in the scene where Lightning, Bobby and Cal enter the pits, if you look very closely as the camera pans, you can see the design used when he goes to the Rust-eze Racing Center before changing the look and at the Florida 500.
  • When Lightning enters the Rust-eze Racing Center, we see a Land Rover paparazzi is blue but when Lightning, Luigi, and Guido enter, he is purple.
  • Lightning McQueen was close to Smokey after he stops but when we see Lightning later, he is inches away.
  • Anachronism: During the flashback of Doc racing at the Thomasville Speedway, Leroy Heming slams Doc against the wall who is a Chrysler C-300, first manufactured in 1955. In Cars, it was established that Doc ended his racing career the previous year, in 1954.

    The rookie Doc races in the Thomasville flashback is a 1955 Chrysler C-300 (Doc retired from racing in 1954).

  • Jeff Gorvette says good luck to Lightning and was talking to the media but when the camera comes back, Jeff and the media disappears and it is too short for them to completely leave, if they did, they could be visible.

Coco (2017)

  • Abuelita was holding the picture lower than before.
  • When Miguel Rivera was blowing into the bottle just before Abuelita takes it away from him, the fruit basket suddenly disappears.
  • The inside of Miguel's home changes constantly throughout the film.
  • Miguel picked up his shoe shine box, but on the table, the shine box is still there.
  • The 2 people from Miguel constantly appear next to Abuelita who tries to stop the Mariachi person from playing music by hitting him with her flipflop.
  • The 2 candles constantly change when Miguel tries to light up the treehouse.
  • When Miguel's parents came over to find him, his guitar constantly changed its position from the left to right of Dante. Also it moved past the wall.
  • When the security guard was trying to get Miguel, the guitar has been shifted to the right.
  • As Héctor was relaxing in the hammock, the cup of water was on the table along with the salt, but after he drank it, it constantly changed its position.
  • When the tourists are about to visit the Land of the Dead, we saw that the stapler next to the officer disappears.
  • When Dante was trying to reach the food, the plate is in the middle of the sheets, but in the next scene, it moved into the edge of the sheets.
  • When Miguel showed the picture of the missing piece of the head of Ernesto de la Cruz to Imelda, the clipboard has constantly changed its position.
  • When Miguel's bone was shown inside his pointer finger, we can see that the sheet on the fiscial cash register hangs beside the desk, but the next scene shows it hanging in front of the desk.
  • When Miguel was about to leave the office, Tia Rosita can be seen standing on the carpet, but a few seconds later, she was no longer on it.
  • When Héctor was being interviewed by the police officer after attempting to visit the Land of the Dead, his hat constantly changes its origional position.
  • When the skeletons climb up the grandmother cactus, we can see that the dancer was not there before.
  • When the skeletons crawl out of the papaya as Imelda interacts with Miguel, one of them disappears.
  • When Héctor talks to the old skeleton hiding in the pile on the hammock, the camera was next to the guitar and it constantly changed positions therefore.
  • When the announcer opens through the doorway, they were still open but moments later, they had shut themselves.
  • When Miguel plays a song for Ernesto de la Cruz before he falls into the guitar-shaped pool, the glass of wine from the lady's hand disappears. Then however, he was saved from the water a bit further from where he fell.
  • The skirt was further away from the edge of the pool when Héctor really doesn't want to talk about his tunes.
  • When Miguel and Imelda try to keep Héctor alive by using a light, Dante disappeared from his origional place.

Incredibles 2 (2018)

  • Voyd's powers are inconsistent. She is only able to create portals in locations she can see. However in several instances on the EverJust, the hypnotized Voyd was able to appear out of nowhere, suggesting she was able to create a portal to somewhere she couldn't see.
  • Violet is supposed to have her date Friday night. Mr. Incredible stays up all night learning math for Dash's test, then takes them to school the next day, which should be Saturday, but it is incorrectly treated as a Monday.
  • When the Underminer shows up at the end of the original film, the Parr family don their masks but are still in their civilian clothes, though Bob is about to take off his shirt. At the beginning of this film, they appear in their super suits while the Underminer is still monologuing. Also, part of the Underminer's original lines ("I hereby declare war on peace and happiness! Soon all will tremble before me!") were drowned out by Tony's narration and the Parr's dialogue. 
  • Elastigirl's new bike is electric, yet when it hits the mountain above the MetroLev tunnel, it is destroyed in a fiery explosion. Since the bike is electric, there is no gasoline or diesel to make such an explosion.
  • If you watch closely, When Helen lands on the hovertrain and her bike breaks apart, her hands aren't on the handlebars.
  • When the camera moves from the Underminer's drill re-emerging in the distance to Dash saying "Everybody, stay back! Okay? Stay back!", Violet and Jack-Jack aren't seen; they re-appear suddenly when Dash leaves.
  • Violet had yanked off her mask shortly into the Underminer battle (just before noticing Tony), but it is back on when she says "You're not sticking me with babysitting!"

    Violet's mask is back on after she yanked it off earlier.

  • Winston Deavor's father is presented as a major patron of superheroes. He personally befriended many supers during his advocacy, including several who ran in the same circles as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. Despite this, neither of the Incredibles nor Frozone have ever heard of him (or even seem to recognize the name "Deavor").
  • When Elastigirl brings the MetroLev train to a stop, she is seen entering the station at speed in parachute form, coming to a stop some distance through the station. When the train stops before being hit again, she appears to be much closer to the station entrance.
  • In the first film, Edna Mode's security system notices Elastigirl is with her and gets set to attack, prompting Edna to add "and guest" when using the voice recognition. While Jack-Jack is activating the system with Edna in this film, Mr. Incredible doesn't set off the system's alarm the way Elastigirl did. However, Edna could have modified the alarm system.
  • Bob wears his original blue super-suit to meet with the Deavors, where it is shown to be in perfect condition. Later in the film, we see the suit in a glass case alongside Bob's other memorabilia, where it is still covered in soot and ash from the jet explosion at the end of the first movie. 
  • The scene positions changed during the dinner scene.

Toy Story 4 (2019)

  • After the barbie dolls climb up to the top of Molly's drawer, Bo Peep is on the ledge with Woody. But when Bo Peep catches the book, she is on the dresser.
  • When the toys watch Bonnie play with her toys, the stool is there. But when Bonnie's father appears, the stool disappeared.
  • When Bonnie asks her father to bring Jessie to school, Hamm was there and he is on four legs. When Bonnie goes to hide, Hamm is in his upright position.
  • When Woody spots the toys, Rex can be seen on the right. But when Bonnie was forced to go to kindergarten, Rex has disappeared.
  • When Woody collects the objects from the garbage and brings them on the table, the spoon is facing away from the cup. Then when Bonnie sees the stuff from the garbage, it changed to a spork and is now facing the cup.
  • When Bonnie throws the paper in the trash, the crayon rolls to the light. In the next scene it moved to the shade.

Short Films

Geri's Game

  • The box of chess pieces falls off the table at 3:28, and is not seen on the ground when the camera pans out again. This was discussed in Jan Pinkava's audio commentary of this short. When he was asked about this question, he simply replied, "We just forgot to put it in."
  • Geri makes many illegal chess moves during the short.


  • When Ernie is falling out of the spaceship, Mr. B stopped the fall using a button, and after leaving to discipline Stu, Ernie should have fallen to the ground because the button with which Mr. B used to save him was no longer in action. However, he didn't fall to the ground.
  • While Ernie is flying around his house because of Stu, at one point, he gets abducted about halfway and goes past the tree. However, after Stu frees Ernie from the window, Ernie doesn't go past the tree. Instead, he gets stuck in the tree, and therefore Stu had to free him out of there.


  • WALL•E can be seen waving at BURN-E while the Probe ship is pulling in, but in the film, WALL•E isn't shown to be waving at him. This is mainly because he was offscreen at the time.
  • The hull of the ship in the scene where BURN-E is welding the third lamp is different from the main film WALL•E.

Dug's Special Mission

  • It is implied that Dug was chased out in retaliation by Alpha and his gang prior to Dug meeting Carl and Russell, while in the movie, he was still under the impression that Alpha sent him on a "secret mission." Beta and Gamma even say it themselves.
  • Alpha's voice is already faulty and comically high-pitched. When the pack is first introduced in the feature film, Beta and Gamma express surprise at Alpha's faulty voice, as if he had been speaking with his real voice until then.

George and A.J.

  • There are slight dialogue differences in the scene where George and A.J. first talk with Carl at his house.
  • In this short film, Russell is seen bracing himself underneath the floorboards of Carl's house. While this attempts to explain how Russell ended up on Carl's porch later in the film, Russell is not seen underneath Carl's house when it takes off in the film. Additionally, if Russell were really in the position shown in the short, he would have no reason to hang on to the house in the first place. Instead, he could have just let it rise and he would have been left safely on the ground.
  • In Up, Carl's surname is always spelt as Fredricksen. Yet in the news items which are seen crawling across the screen during the news program, his surname is spelt "Fredrickson" twice, a difference that could be attributed to a mistake on the part of the news media.
  • The Shady Oaks Retirement Village building blasts off into the sky in this short. Yet during the credits of Up, Carl is seen socializing with other residents of the home along with some of Muntz's dogs, implying he ended up living there after the feature film.
    • However, it is entirely possible, of course, that he simply moved into a different retirement home and not Shady Oaks.
  • At the end of the short, Carl is seen in the airship without his jacket. Although through most of the end of the feature film he is seen without a jacket, he does have one at the very end in the airship.

Sanjay's Super Team

  • Sanjay accidentally sets fire to the cape of his Blue Flame toy, and in blowing out the flame, accidentally blows out the prayer candle as well. However, when Sanjay is holding the toy at the end of the short, there is no sign of scorching.

TV specials

Toy Story of Terror!

  • On Ron's billboard of toys and other stolen items up for sale, the photo of Trixie is labeled "STEGOSAURUS", when she's a Triceratops.
  • Similarly to the Stegosaurus/Triceratops mix-up, Mr. Pricklepants is labeled a "GERMAN BEAVER" instead of a hedgehog. This suggests both were deliberate.
  • Toy Story of Terror! is said to be set six months after the events of Toy Story 3. Since Toy Story 3 was set during the month of August, that would mean Toy Story of Terror! is set during February. However, Ron's calendar is set to October, as it's a Halloween-themed special.
  • When Woody, Buzz, and Jessie first encounter Mr. Potato Head's arm, it is clearly his left arm. However, when it is hooked onto the towel ring, it is his right arm. It then changes back to his left arm in the next shot.
  • On the shipping label for Woody's package, it says that the SleepWell Motel is in Tempe, Arizona. However, Tempe is a suburban city sandwiched between Phoneix and Mesa, and does not have the rural environment seen in the TV special.

Cars Toons

Rescue Squad Mater

  • Mater's eyes are usually hazel, but he is shown with blue eyes as a fire truck and doctor. This error is corrected on the Mattel die-cast models of both Rescue Squad and Dr. Mater. 

Tokyo Mater

  • When Mia and Tia shout "modify!", their tires are white. But when they gasp at Kabuto's phrase, their tires are green instead of white. However, it could be that they changed their tires while Mater was being modified.
  • Mike (Cars) and Sulley (Cars) were meant to look at Mater drifting, but they looked at where Mater was going to drift before he got to that location.

Unidentified Flying Mater

  • When Mater says, "Hey, Fillmore!", the DVD and Blu-ray subtitles mistakenly spell Fillmore's name "Filmore" (without one of the "l"s).

Mater Private Eye

  • Comparison shot between Flo's eyelids

    When Lightning McQueen goes to Flo's V8 Cafe, Flo is shown to have visible eyelashes on her eyelids, but when the camera cuts to a closer shot, her eyelashes disappear, making her a male.
  • The DVD and Blu-ray subtitles mistakenly refer to Carmen as "Laverne" when she says "Thank you very much!" in Spanish.

Air Mater

  • Stacy Keach's name is spelt "Stacy Keach." However, in the credits, it was spelt "Stacey Keach."

Time Travel Mater

  • When Mater time travels to the time when he tells his story to Lightning McQueen, he takes Lightning to help him save Radiator Springs. However, when Mater finishes his story, Lightning is there listening to the story. It is never shown when Mater brought Lightning back. But it could be that it skipped the time-travelling Mater taking Lightning back to the present and going back to his own time.
  • After Mater finishes his story, Lightning doesn't believe him, even though he went time travelling with Mater just now. However, it could be that Lightning thinks this was in his head.
  • Mater accidentally prevented the creation of Radiator Springs when he met Stanley and didn't need a radiator cap. If this was the new timeline, then it shouldn't have been possible for him to travel to the future to get Lightning since Radiator Springs would not have existed in the first place.
  • Lizzie, Stanley and the rest of the cars in the past never seem surprised or curious to see more modern cars from the future (Mater and Lightning).
  • For some strange reason, Mater got the Lightning McQueen from a week after his own time instead of the one from his own time.