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Mom is a character who appears in the 2018 Disney/Pixar animated short, Bao.


Mom lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, Dad. When she started eating dumplings for lunch, she notices that one of the dumplings came to life just as she cares for him. Mom spends her life with Dumpling all across Canada from a market, a bakery, and a recreational park as Dumpling continues to grow over the years. As it is shown that Dumpling is trying to be independent, Mom is shown to be overprotective of him fearing that she will lose him much to her frustration of Dumpling trying to get attracted to a fiancée. However, it turns out that Dumpling was not her real son and this sequence is shown to be a dream.

Later, Mom's real son who resembles Dumpling appears in front of her just as he happily reunites with his mother. With her real son reunited, Mom teaches her real son how to make dumplings just like her while her husband happily looks at him with approval.


  • As evidenced by the production crew, Mom is indeed her name and not just an alias.
  • If one looks closely in Mom's dining room during the part where she is seen preparing a feast for Dumpling, the telephone seen in the background has only 4 buttons on it.
  • In the 2022 Pixar film, Turning Red, the part where Ming Lee prepares dumplings for her daughter, Mei Lee, is an allusion to the beginning of the short where Mom prepares dumplings for her husband. Bao and Turning Red are both directed by Domee Shi.


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