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Mr. Gao is a minor character in Turning Red.


Mr. Gao has fair apricot skin, bushy grey eyebrows and hair, closed weak eyes, large ears, crinkled wrinkles above his forehead, a zit in the center of his forehead, a medium sized nose with tiny gap nostrils, small lips, and side dimples.

At Mei’s red panda ritual, Mr. Gao is seen wearing a yellow shenyi with long cuffs, a Chinese headdress, and a sash choker around his neck.

Around his peaceful neighborhood gardening slate, he wears a white singlet, with a trinity tweed flat cap atop his head, along with tan trousers and a buckle.


  • Both, James Hong and Sandra Oh, who voice Mr. Gao and Ming Lee respectively in Turning Red, previously participated in the Mulan franchise as Chi-Fu and Ting-Ting respectively.
  • Gao (Chinese: 高) is an East Asian surname of Chinese origin that can be literally translated as a "high" or "tall" person.
  • He is a fan of Tony Bennett.
  • James Hong also voices Chi-Fu from his previous Disney film, Mulan and Po's adoptive father, Mr. Ping from DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda franchise.