Mr. Phillips is the husband of Mrs. Phillips and Sid and Hannah's father. He is seen asleep, snoring, on a reclining chair when Buzz enters the TV room. He appears to be a hunting enthusiast, as the room he is seen sitting in is decorated with duck wallpaper and a mounted deer head, both popular animals in American hunting. Mr. Phillips also seems to find interest in bowling, as his television was tuned into a bowling event, and he also had a bowling ball that was in the closet Woody was hiding in. Mr. Phillips is seen sleeping during the middle of the day which hints he is either unemployed, has a night job or the scene took place on a Saturday or Sunday, days which there are typically are days adults in the working force have off. Mr. Phillips may also be an abusive alcoholic, which would explain why Scud tries not to wake him up, has a bunch of empty cans lying around his chair, and why his son Sid lives with an evil mindset, especially towards his toys.

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