Mrs. Wazowski is Mike Wazowski's mother. She appears near the end of the credits of Monsters, Inc., as one of the members of the audience attending the company musical Sulley and Mike (her son) made based on the events of the film called "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From or So Help Me". Mike calls her out in the end, saying that it's a pleasure to have her in the audience. She is a middle-aged green Cyclops-like monster, the same shape and design of Mike, but with hair similar to Roz, a pair of one-eye horn-rimmed glasses, red lipstick, painted fingernails, a bracelet on each arm, and red shoes.


  • Along her husband, Mrs. Wazowski was meant to originally make an appearance in Monsters University at the film's opening, dropping Mike at Monsters University in his first day and wishing him the best. Billy Crystal was planned to voice both Mrs. Wazowski and her husband. However, in order to remove parental guidance from Mike's college life, Dan Scanlon opted to cut the scene.
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