Ms. Nesbit is a minor character in Monsters, Inc..

Monsters, Inc.

She is a preschool teacher who brings her class to the title factory for a field trip halfway through the film during Boo's escapades there, where after Boo gets lost and is supposedly "crushed" into a cube by a trash compactor in the basement (she got out of the trashcan before Needleman and Smitty dumped all of its contents into a chute leading to the compactor, causing one of her costume's "eyes" to fall in), much to Sulley's fear, only to have him and Mike ultimately find her blending in with Ms. Nesbit's classmates. 


Ms. Nesbit is a pinkish-purple female monster with four arms, buffalo horn-like hair, and dark purple spots covering her body.


  • Ms. Nesbit appears to be named after a throwaway gag in Toy Story in which Hannah Phillips assigns that name to Buzz Lightyear after Buzz attempts to fly out of a window after learning the truth about him not being a flying toy after watching a TV commercial about his toy brand only to fall off the balcony and crashing onto the first floor and severing his left arm, before being rescued by Hannah and turned into one of her "dolls."
  • A female monster resembling Ms. Nesbit can be seen wearing a blue hard hat of the Scare assistants in the Monsters, Inc. commercial.
  • She (or possibly the monster described above) is seen playing the piano in "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From or So Help Me".
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