Left to Right: Hand-in-the box, Jingle Joe, Legs, Rollerbob, Ducky, The Frog, Rockmobile, Babyface and Pump Boy

"They're cannibals!"
Buzz Lightyear, referring to the mutant toys

The Mutant Toys (sometimes called Sid's Toys) are supporting characters who appear in the first Toy Story. They are built by Sid from several mixed pieces of toys that belong to him and Hannah. They all live in Sid's house.

Toy Story

When Woody and Buzz Lightyear first encountered them, the two thought they were cannibals who were going to eat them, especially when they blocked the escape route for the duo. Holding Buzz as a hostage, Woody makes Buzz karate chop to scare them away as they escape. However, when the mutant toys later placed Buzz's severed arm back in place, as well as taping the heads of Hannah's Janie doll and Sid's toy Pterodactyl back onto their bodies, Woody was stunned to see that they were not cannibals as he had initially thought them to be. After Sid took Buzz (whom he had strapped his new rocket to) outside to be blown up, the mutant toys agreed to cooperate with Woody in his plan rescue Buzz from Sid's clutches while also seeing this as their own chance to get revenge on Sid. Working together, they first drove Sid's dog Scud, who had stationed himself outside Sid's room, away and out onto the front porch so the toys could safely escape into Sid's backyard. Once outside, they moved into their final positions, from where they emerged out, surrounding Sid, as Woody told him how much they don't like the way Sid was treating them (being blown up, smashed, or ripped apart) and that they would find out if Sid didn't take good care of his toys because "we toys can see everything." After Woody scared Sid away with his own voice, "So play nice," and caused him to retreat in fear of his own toys (considering everything he had done to all of them), they all rejoiced victoriously. When rushing to try and reach the Davis's van before they moved out, Woody vowed that they'll keep touch.

List of toys

Other toys abused by Sid (seen coming back to life in his back yard) are a Charred Doll, a Red Pickup Truck, a Squeeze Toy Alien, and two broken Combat Carls: an armless soldier with a nail in his head and a headless soldier with a broken leg, a headless teddy bear and two headless dolls referred to by Buzz as "Marie Antoinette and her little sister".


  • In Episode 1 of the Woody's Big Escape game on Disney's official site, two of the mutant toys (Babyface and Ducky) were apparently renamed to "Spider Baby" and "Duck Man" for unknown reasons. Roller Bob and the wind-up frog are the only names unchanged, despite the fact that Woody says Ducky's name in the film.
  • The mutant toys had appeared in Andy's room in a number of shorts in Toy Story Treats; however, it was not considered to be canon since they belonged to Sid, as Woody, Buzz and the other toys had already moved to their new home with Andy.
  • In Toy Story 3: The Video Game, there is a card of these toys.
  • None of these toys can speak English, and there is no given reason why, though Ducky can make duck sounds.
  • None of these toys can speak languages, and they have no dialogue.




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