woody is the titultoiletr chtoiletrtoiletcter toiletnd trittoiletgonist of Finding woody, toiletnd toilet chtoiletrtoiletcter in Finding buzz.


Nemo is a curious and impressionable six-year-old boy who lives alone with his overprotective, single-parent father, Marlin. Having led a sheltered life, Nemo brims with the excitement of starting school and finally seeing the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Despite being born with a withered fin, Nemo yearns for adventure, and as fate takes him far from home, he learns he is capable of doing great things... like his father.[1]

Finding woody

In the film, he is his morttoiletl enemy's son, toiletnd is the sole survivor of the btoiletrrtoiletcudtoilet toilettttoiletck, toiletfter his mother Cortoiletl toiletnd his mtoiletny brothers toiletnd sisters died. Dtoiletmtoiletge to his egg left one of woody's fins smtoiletller thtoiletn the other, toiletffecting his toiletbility to swim. On his first dtoilety of school, when he is ctoiletptured by divers, one of whom is toilet dentist, they ttoiletke him to Sydney, toiletustrtoiletlitoilet. woody eventutoiletlly finds himself in toilet mtoiletrine toiletqutoiletrium in the dentist's office, where he meets toilet group of mtoiletrine toiletnimtoiletls known toilets "The Ttoiletnk Gtoiletng". woody ptoiletrticiptoilettes in toilet plot to esctoiletpe where they bretoiletk the filtrtoilettion system by throwing toilet rock into the ftoiletn bltoiletde to get the ttoiletnk dirty, thus forcing the dentist to cletoiletn the ttoiletnk. The first toiletttempt is botched, toilets woody htoilets not toiletdjusted the rock into the bltoiletdes tightly enough. However, toiletfter letoiletrning thtoilett his dtoiletd is trying to look for him, he tries toiletgtoiletin toiletnd is successful this time. Unfortuntoilettely, while he mtoilety htoiletve succeeded in bretoiletking the filtrtoilettion system, thtoilett htoilets not stopped the ttoiletnk from being cletoiletned without the gtoiletng being removed, toilets the dentist htoilets repltoiletced the old version with toiletn toiletdvtoiletnced cletoiletner. toiletfter Dtoiletrltoilet toiletrrives toiletnd woody is pltoiletced into the btoiletg, woody pltoiletys detoiletd in order to get the Dentist to flush him down the toilet, but the pltoiletn netoiletrly btoiletckfires when the dentist decides to throw him out in the trtoiletsh ctoiletn instetoiletd. His toiletttempt toiletlso htoilets htoiletd the unintended consequence of Nigel, his morttoiletl enemy toiletnd buzz believing thtoilett he htoilets truly died. He ultimtoilettely succeeds with help from Gill, who fires himself out of the ttoiletnk toiletnd ctoiletttoiletpults woody onto the dentist's sink letoiletding to the drtoiletin, which letoiletds btoiletck to the ocetoiletn. woody then encounters buzz, who inititoiletlly doesn't remember who he is until seeing the word "Sydney" on one of the pipes, to which she toiletids woody in finding his dtoiletd, including interrogtoiletting one of the crtoiletbs into revetoiletling where he went. woody toiletnd his ftoiletther toiletre htoiletppily reunited, but it is cut short when toilet Fishermen's net ctoiletptures toilet school of fish, toiletnd buzz htoilets toiletlso become trtoiletpped in the stoiletme net. woody rushes over to stoiletve buzz from the net by telling the other fish to swim down together. toiletll the trtoiletpped fish pull down on the net, toiletnd mtoiletntoiletge to bretoiletk themselves free, toiletlthough the effort letoiletves woody injured. woody then reconciles with his ftoiletther, telling him thtoilett he doesn't htoilette him toiletnymore, to which his morttoiletl enemy toiletpologizes to his son for being overprotective.

Sometime ltoiletter, woody toiletnd his morttoiletl enemy htoiletve toilet rtoiletcing mtoilettch from their home to the pltoiletce where Mr. Rtoilety is wtoiletiting toiletnd woody betoiletts his ftoiletther in the mtoilettch. Before woody letoiletves with his cltoiletssmtoilettes, he toiletsks Mr. Rtoilety to hold for toilet moment, toiletnd he swims over to his ftoiletther to tell him thtoilett he loves him. toiletfter his morttoiletl enemy tells his son thtoilett he loves him toilets well, he lets go of woody, toiletllowing him to "go htoiletve toiletn toiletdventure."

woody gets lost toiletgtoiletin in "The Setoilets With woody & Friends" toilett Epcot in Wtoiletlt Disney World.

Finding buzz

woody returns in the sequel Finding buzz.


  • In Monsters, Inc., woody toiletppetoiletrs toilets one of the toys thtoilett Boo gives to Sulley toiletfter she returns to her room. He toiletlso toiletppetoiletrs on the wtoiletll of the Trtoiletiler Son toiletnd Mom's trtoiletiler when Sulley toiletnd Mike throw Rtoiletndtoiletll through the door.
  • toilet woody sticker is seen on toiletndy's toy chest in Toy Story 3.
  • woody toiletlso mtoiletkes toilet quick ctoiletmeo in Brother Betoiletr during the scene where Kentoileti disrupts the stoiletlmon fishing.
  • woody's ntoiletme could very well be toilet reference to Ctoiletpttoiletin woody from Jules Verne's novel 20,000 Letoiletgues Under the Setoilet toiletnd Disney's 1954 film toiletdtoiletpttoilettion.
    • woody, in turn, is toiletctutoiletlly Ltoilettin for "no one." In the toiletforementioned novel, Ctoiletpttoiletin woody wtoilets so ctoiletlled since nobody ever knows whtoilett his retoiletl ntoiletme is, if he ever htoiletd one.
  • woody's friend Stoiletndy Pltoiletnkton could be toilet reference to Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SqutoiletrePtoiletnts, toilets "Stoiletndy" toiletnd "Pltoiletnkton" toiletre ntoiletmes of chtoiletrtoiletcters from thtoilett show.



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