The next-generation racers, nicknamed next-gens, are characters in Cars 3.

Jackson Storm is the front-runner in the next-generation racers, who have capabilities the veteran racers lack, most notably higher speed, giving veterans a hard time trying to keep up. Following Jackson's win at Copper Canyon Speedway, six veteran racers are fired by their sponsors with next-gens taking their place. More and more next-gens would begin appearing throughout the season while veterans either get fired or make their own decision to retire to clear the way. By the Los Angeles 500, the next-gens have replaced all but eleven of the veterans, though they, excluding Lightning McQueen, would have the same fate as the other veterans afterwards.

Jackson Storm

Main article: Jackson Storm

Sponsor: IGNTR

Number: 20

Team includes: Ray Reverham (crew chief)

Cruz Ramirez

Main article: Cruz Ramirez

Sponsor: Dinoco, Rust-eze (Florida 500)

Number: 51, 95 (Florida 500)

Team includes: Smokey (crew chief, briefly), Lightning McQueen (crew chief)

Danny Swervez

Main article: Danny Swervez

Sponsor: Octane Gain

Number: 19

Chase Racelott

Main article: Chase Racelott

Sponsor: Vitoline

Number: 24

Ryan Laney

Main article: Ryan Laney

Sponsor: Blinkr

Number: 21

Bubba Wheelhouse

Main article: Bubba Wheelhouse

Sponsor: Transberry Juice

Number: 6

Harvey Rodcap

Main article: Harvey Rodcap

Sponsor: Easy Idle

Number: 15

Tim Treadless

Main article: Tim Treadless

Sponsor: Nitroade

Number: 28

Ed Truncan

Main article: Ed Truncan

Sponsor: Mood Springs

Number: 33

Aaron Clocker

Main article: Aaron Clocker

Sponsor: Revolting

Number: 48

H.J. Hollis

Main article: H.J. Hollis

Sponsor: N2O Cola

Number: 68

Flip Dover

Main article: Flip Dover

Sponsor: Intersection

Number: 00

J.D. McPillar

Main article: J.D. McPillar

Sponsor: Tow Cap

Number: 4

Cam Spinner

Main article: Cam Spinner

Sponsor: TripleDent Gum

Number: 31

Steve LaPage

Main article: Steve LaPage

Sponsor: Trunk Fresh

Number: 34

Herb Curbler

Main article: Herb Curbler

Sponsor: Faux Wheel Drive

Number: 54

Barry DePedal

Main article: Barry DePedal

Sponsor: RPM

Number: 64

Rich Mixon

Main article: Rich Mixon

Sponsor: Tank Coat

Number: 36

Conrad Camber

Main article: Conrad Camber

Sponsor: Shiny Wax

Number: 82

Paul Conrev

Main article: Paul Conrev

Sponsor: Bumper Save

Number: 90

Sheldon Shifter

Main article: Sheldon Shifter

Sponsor: Sputter Stop

Number: 92

Noah Gocek

Main article: Noah Gocek

Sponsor: Clutch Aid

Number: 121

Jonas Carvers

Main Article: ??

Sponsor: No Stall

Number: 123

George New-Win

Main Article: ??

Sponsor: Leak Less

Number: 52

Chris Roamin'

Main Article: ?

Sponsor: Combustr

Number: 11

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