Old Timer is a character in the 2013 Halloween special Toy Story of Terror!.

Toy Story of Terror!

Old Timer is a toy alarm clock with a white mustache and beard, giving him an elderly look. He was one of the toys stolen by Ron, the manager of the Sleep Well motel.

During their captivity, the toys use him to track how much time their evasion operations are taking and estimate how much time they have left. When they are finally freed, he leaves with the others on a delivery truck.

Toy Story 4

Old Timer appears briefly at the beginning of the film as one of Bonnie's old, outgrown toys. He tells Woody that he has been keeping track of the many times that he hasn't been played with.


The DVD/Blu-Ray release of Toy Story of Terror! included a mock commercial for Old Timer. Made in live action, it follows a child whose Old Timer toy is an integrant part of his daily life, accompanying him everywhere he goes, participating in all his activities.

It is also indicated Old Timer requires batteries (sold separately) and that he is "not a working clock."


  • His name is a pun on his clock nature and the fact "Old Timer" is a nickname for an elderly person.
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