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Out is the seventh experimental short film produced by Pixar as part of Pixar's SparkShorts series and was released on Disney+ on May 22, 2020. The short was released for free on YouTube for Pride Month on June 9, 2021. This is the first Pixar short to feature a gay protagonist.


On an average day, Greg's life is filled with family, love and a rambunctious little dog - but despite all of this, Greg has a secret. Today is different, though. With some help from his precocious pup, and a little bit of magic, Greg might learn that he has nothing to hide.


A cosmic purple cat and cosmic pink dog come out of a rainbow to watch the events of a relationship unfold. They use their powers to enchant the collar of a dog named Jim, who is owned by a man named Greg. Greg is a gay man in a relationship with Manuel. Their prized possession is a framed photo of the two of them on a camping trip. They are planning to move into the city when Greg's parents suddenly show up to help him move. Greg has Manuel leave, as he has not told his parents about his homosexuality, and Manuel complies asking him to tell them anyway.

As Mom and Dad settle in to have lunch, Greg envies Jim who does not have to worry about anything. Suddenly, Jim's collar attaches itself to him and he finds himself switching bodies with his dog. Jim, now in Greg's body, happily becomes attentive to dad while Greg, in Jim's body, tries to prevent mom from finding the photo of him and Manuel. After several close calls and causing a mess as Jim, Greg is forced to bite mom and she steps outside in frustration.

Greg goes out to mom who admits that she is upset that Greg does not tell her and his father anything anymore and that since he is moving it will be more difficult. She adds that she just wants to tell him, "We'll always be here for you, and I know that someday you'll find someone who loves you as much as we do. I just hope that whoever it is...that he makes you happy." Realizing that his family knew all along, he rushes to find the photo, which Jim has, and manages to get it back and switch into their bodies. Greg finally introduces Manuel to his parents who welcome him with open arms. The cosmic animals, satisfied with the events, return into their rainbow.

In a post-credits scene, mom and dad are driving home listening to a rather upbeat club song (the same music that plays from the rainbow that cosmic animals emerge from).


  • Bernadette Sullivan as Mom
  • Kyle McDaniel as Greg
  • Caleb Cabrera as Manuel
  • Matthew Martin as Gigi the Cat


  • Wheezy from Toy Story 2 makes a cameo as a chew toy.
  • This is the third Pixar product to portray LGBTQ characters, after Toy Story 4 (which showed two lesbian mothers dropping off their child at kindergarten) and Onward. This is, however, the first Pixar film to have LGBTQ characters as central characters.
    • This is also the first short film that features an interracial couple.
  • The big white dog and the small black cat heavily resemble characters from Kitbull.
  • The short premiered on LGBTQ politician Harvey Milk's birthday. The filmmakers admitted that this was a happy coincidence.