"These are the lousiest circus cars in the world and they're gonna make me rich!"
—P.T. Flea car
"Wait a minute, here. They're just using the same actor over and over. What kind of a cut-rate production is this?"
Mack realizes that the Hamm car, the Abominable Snowplow, and the P.T. Flea car are all voiced by the same actor.

"Circus promoter P.T. Flea has spent his life motoring around backyards; literally looking under every rock to find the next big act, like the "Flying Winnebago Brothers and their Unbreakable Trampoline" or the "Screaming Wheelies" whose tires squealed so loudly every headlight in the audience was shattered, and he's still paying off the insurance bill on that one."[1]

He appears in A Bug's Life (Cars).

P.T. Flea's Circus Troupe


P.T. Flea's Circus Troupe

"P.T. Flea's Tireless Troupe of Circus Cars might look like some small-time act, but these guys will knock your brakes pads off! They've traveled from Hartford to Hayward performing their death defying, flaming exhaust pipe jumps, and harrowing stunt driving with true professional flare!"[1]

They appear in A Bug's Life (Cars).


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