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Pearl is a pink flapjack octopus in Finding Nemo. She says she has one shorter tentacle than the rest, though this is barely noticeable. She is pink like her father, but unlike him, her face is positioned in the middle. She also claims to be able to walk on land. Whenever she gets nervous or scared, she squirts her squid ink, or "inks" as she calls it.

Finding Nemo

"A cute little flapjack octopus, Pearl is quick to make friends with Nemo. Like the little clownfish, she has one limb that is shorter than the others, but since she has seven others nobody really notices it too much. Pearl gets teased by the other kids because when she gets over-excited, she inks. She's embarrassed about it now, but one day that skill could save her life."[1]

One of Mr. Ray's students, Nemo meets Pearl and her friends, Tad and Sheldon, while waiting to start school. She was part of the group who saw the boat. Like the other children, she tries to see how close to it she can swim. When the diver appears, she flees with the rest of the class.

She briefly appears at the end welcoming Nemo and newcomer Squirt into the class.

Whenever she is startled, she releases ink. This trait was presumably inherited from her father, who has a similar release of ink when he encounters Bruce and his fellow sharks.