Pepita is an Alebrije who appears in the 2017 Pixar film, Coco. She was Mamma Imelda’s pet Maine Coon cat when she was alive, and served as her Alebrije spirit guide in the afterlife. She is shown in her living form at the end of the movie, accompanying Dante.

Physical appearance

Pepita is a cross between a large cat (such as a tiger or a jaguar), an eagle, and several other animals, including teal ram horns and a striped iguana-like tail. Overall her body shape is stock and lean but with a wooden texture. Her back is a deep blue that fades to emerald green across her body, while yellow highlights are scattered among this. Pepita's wings are red while her underbelly is orange, and she has eagle hindlegs with aqua-colored talons.

According to the ending, Pepita travels to the real world looking like an ordinary thin gray cat.

Pepita in cat form

Pepita in cat form

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