Philip Sherman's Dentist Office is a dentistry in Finding Nemo owned by Philip Sherman located in Sydney, Australia. Its address is 42 Wallaby Way. Its receptionist is named Barbara. The office appears to have a nautical theme with ship's helms, anchors, and pictures of fish all over the office's walls. On the ceiling is Boo's fish mobile from Monsters, Inc. Other objects inside the office include several diplomas, a photo of Darla, his niece, a "Floss!" crocodile poster, and a wall clock with a tooth on it.

The wall separating his office from the waiting room has a large rectangular hole in it where his fish tank appears to be located. In the waiting room is a couch, some chairs, a table full of books (made from a ship's helm with a glass circle panel on top) and magazines like "M is for Monster" and a Highlights magazine, a clock resembling another helm, and a toy chest containing toys like a Buzz Lightyear action figure and a Luxo Ball.


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