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Philip Sherman's office fish tank is the fish tank owned by the dentist Philip Sherman located in his office in Sydney, Australia. It is one of the main locations in Finding Nemo. The fish tank contains various fake corals and seaweeds, a bubble-blowing treasure chest (Bubbles' favorite toy), a Tiki hut, a diving helmet (Jacques' hideout), a pirate skull (Gill's hideout), a trio of Tiki heads (based on the producers of the film), a "Didn't Brush" sign and barrel, a pirate ship (which has the Sunny Atlantis mermaid from Knick Knack as a figurehead), and a "swimming" scuba diver puppet.

Finding Nemo

In the film, it is the place where Nemo is kept while his dad Marlin is looking for him. In the tank is also a group of sea creatures called the Tank Gang and the "volcano" Mount Wannahockaloogie.

Later, an AquaScum 2003 is installed into the fish tank by Dr. Sherman to automatically scan the tank every five minutes with its laser beam.