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"You know some superheroes, they pay attention to their look when they're first breaking in but then they get a little notoriety, they get a little floppy...I mean I don't wanna name names, but okay: The Phylange."
Mr. Incredible on Phylange

Phylange's NSA file.

Lego Phylange

Phylange's confirmed color and appearance from the Lego Incredibles Video game in 2018.

Phylange is a character in The Incredibles.

The Incredibles[]

Phylange discovered his power while selling peanuts at a ballpark, and was subsequently recruited by the NSA.

He was one part of the Super group known as the Thrilling Three, alongside Apogee and Dynaguy. After Dynaguy's death, Gazerbeam took over as leader. Despite his file stating that Phylange quit the Thrilling Three due to his perception that it was "Gazerbeam's gang," in his voice recording he insists it was a "democratic" decision and he harbored no ill will toward Gazerbeam.

At some point, he came up with a "superhero yodel" which he had worked on for a year. This made him a subject of Mr. Incredible's ridicule.

Phylange struggled with his public image, with his NSA file noting that the public never really embraced him as a Super. 

Phylange was one of the Supers targeted by Syndrome for Operation Kronos. He was killed by the Omnidroid v.X2 during its training sessions. 


Phylange was a Super who had the ability to project blasts of sonic voice fields. He was susceptible to laryngitis, which rendered his powers useless, as well as sonic feedback. His mode of transport was the Thrilling Three Chopper. The Operation Kronos database assigned him a threat rating of 4.7. 


His abrasive personality also made him the subject of criticism from Mr. Incredible who joked about him during his NSA recording, making fun of the fact that Phylange's supersuit bore the marks of his past battles and that he tried to create a "signature yodel" instead of a catchphrase. Phylange spent his civilian life under the secret identity of an opera singer. He was described as "selfish," which may have contributed to the negative public perception of him. 


  • The name "Phylange" may be a reference to the audio effect of "flanging." It's also likely a parody of the famous superhero, the Flash.