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The Pixar Ball, or the Luxo Ball, is a yellow ball with a blue stripe and red star that first appeared in the Luxo, Jr. short as a prop for Luxo, Jr. Since its debut, it has made numerous cameos in other Pixar films, most prominently in the Toy Story films.



  • As one of the marbles in the 1994 Levi's commercial "Woman Getting What She Wants" (0:10). This shot is also used briefly in Toy Story 2 as Rex skips through the TV channels.
  • In the double feature trailer for Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in Disney Digital 3-D.
  • Toy Story 3 posters and teasers.
  • In the 2011 State Farm commercial (at 0:14) on some of the "pet" trains.
  • Shorter Sky Broadband UK commercials promoting Toy Story That Time Forgot.

Video Games


  • The ball is also in the Toy Story Treats episode "Alien Encounter", as well as a web short for Inside Out where Bing Bong plays with it.
  • The ball looks similar to the ball used in the Nick Jr. series Blue's Clues, except the colors of the stripe and the star are swapped.
  • It also appears in two episodes of the Australian animated children's series Bluey.




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