Pixar Wiki

Images are important to the presentation of the Pixar Wiki, hence users should be careful when uploading images.

The use of "generic" image filenames, such as image.jpg or 123.png, is strongly discouraged as it does not provide any context or information regarding the content of the image, and makes it too easy to carelessly overwrite, leading to undesirable consequences such as an image appearing on the wrong page. Images should be given descriptive file names, such as "Death of Buddy Pine.jpg".

Images should also be edited before being uploaded when necessary. Images which have large black or white bars surrounding them, or which are too light or too dark, are not acceptable.

Images must clearly depict the subject they are supposed to depict. For instance, it is pointless to upload an image supposedly depicting a particular actor if the image actually shows multiple people and no effort has been made to crop to or otherwise highlight the supposed subject.

Do not upload images if doing so would violate the copyright on them; finding an image somewhere on the web is not a blanket license to use it for your own purposes.

Uploading of images must not be done with the "Ignore all warnings" checkbox selected, and if you get a warning that the file already exists, you must choose a different name for your upload. The only exception is if you are intentionally overwriting the image with a better quality version.

Images that are very similar to existing images should not be uploaded. There is no need to have multiple images from one scene if the images are very similar to each other.

Users who violate this policy are subject to being blocked. The blocking policy is the same as described on the Antagonist policy page.