Pixar Wiki

This wiki uses a very limited number of categories as describe below.

With this set of categories, the only time new categories should be created is when a film page is created.

Categories such as Actor categories should not be assigned to pages without official proof. I.e., just because John Ratzenberger has been in every Pixar film, until there is an official release from Pixar, he should not be added to an upcoming film's actor category. Note, other Fandom sites and IMDb are not official sources.

The use of "generic" categories is prohibited. Examples of "generic" categories include, but are not limited to, Humans, Animals, Male, Female, Royalty, Monsters, Fish and Toys.

The creation of categories for protagonists and antagonists is also prohibited. This includes categories such as Protagonist, Primary Villain, Antagonist, Reformed Characters, etc.

Users who violate this policy are subject to being blocked. The blocking policy is the same as described on the Antagonist-Protagonist policy page. Extra attention should be given to the blocking portion of the policy: if a new user violates this category policy, they most likely will be blocked.