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Welcome to the Pixar Wiki! This page contains a list of the general rules and policies regarding the wiki that the Pixar Wiki staff expect our users to follow. Policies on specific topics can be found in the Policy category.


  • This wiki is written factually and for official Pixar information only. As such, please do not put opinions, conjectures or assumptions of a subject into articles, or speculative information that cannot be properly backed by an official source. Note, other wikis and sites like IMDb are not considered official. This is especially critical for topics such as voice actors for characters. The primary source of voice actors will be the official press kit, which is not released until shortly before a film is released. Prior to the press kit being available, if you want to enter a voice actor credits you must provide an official source, such as:
    • A Disney or Pixar press release
    • An actors official website or social media post
In addition, many minor characters do not have their voice actor listed in the press kit. In other cases an actor is listed under the Additional Voices section, without stating which character(s) he or she voiced. In these cases, again it is required that an official source be provided.
Along the same lines, this wiki strongly discourages terminology that is easily subject to interpretation, such as antagonist and villain. Please review the wiki policy on these topics.
Assumed information also should not be added. For instance, it is well known that John Ratzenberger voices a character in almost every Pixar film. But it is a violation of this wiki's policy to add him to a voice cast until it has been officially confirmed by Pixar and a reference to such confirmation is included.
  • Fan-made material such as fan theories, fanart or fanfiction should be kept out of the mainspace. It is permitted in blog, user and discussion pages.
  • Mainspace talk pages should be kept for discussion of the associated page. These discussions should be for official content only. They should not be used for expressing opinions on films or characters. These discussions can exist in blog, user and discussion pages.
  • Major edits should be discussed on the article's corresponding talk page prior to being published.
    • Related, be careful about making excessive amounts of edits within a short amount of time, such as adding categories to pages, moving or renaming pages. If you feel there is a large amount of changes required please check with an admin or discuss it on the Talk:Pixar Wiki first. This helps reduce the possibility of you making a lot of changes that then needs to be reverted. In addition, such behavior may cause you to be blocked. Instead, a better choice is to make edits to a few pages, then wait a day or two to see if the changes are reverted or modified. If not, then you can continue making your changes.
  • Spam of any sort is not allowed, which is the advertisement of your own websites, work, or anything else. Users may do this in moderation on their user pages as long as they are contributing to the wiki.
  • All minor edits should be marked as "Minor edit". Minor edits include events such as fixing typos, linking to an article, or changing a line of coding or text.
  • Proofread your work prior to publishing an edit; this includes checking text and pictures, as well as additional coding.
  • Please use proper grammar and spelling.
  • This wiki uses American standards, therefore British standards should not be used. Some examples include color over colour, favorite over favourite, etc.
  • Leave a signature when posting a new topic or reply on a talk page. Signatures can be inserted with --~~~~.
  • The use of alternate or multiple accounts is prohibited.
  • Usernames must be kept appropriate. In addition to a block here, your account will be reported to Fandom Central, potentially resulting in a global ban.
  • User pages should only be edited by either the corresponding user or an administrator, the latter of which should only take place if any present content goes against any of the rules listed on this page.
  • Instead of edit warring with another user, we ask that you attempt to work out the problem in a civilized manner on the article's talk page, or by having a discussion on the user's talk page. If the issue fails to be solved, an administrator should be contacted and they will join the search for a solution.
  • Do not engage at all with a vandal, as this often just encourages the behavior. Instead, revert any such vandalism if possible and notify an administrator and let him or her deal with the problem.
  • While you are allowed to leave messages reminding other users of policies, please do not abuse this power; only leave a warning or reminder to the user if they truly deserve it. This should be done on the user's talk page.
  • Removal of warnings from your talk page is forbidden.
  • If an administrator makes an edit, correction or removes a page, it should be left as is without first contacting the administrator on their talk page.
  • Claiming to be an administrator when, in reality, you are not, is strictly prohibited.
  • Bullying or harassment of another user is strictly prohibited. This includes verbally assaulting someone over their interests, sexuality, username, edits, etc.

Blocking Policy

This wiki attempts to use blocking as a last resort. Other procedures such as talk page conversations will be first utilized. There are cases where immediate blocks will be used. For instance, this wiki has zero tolerance for vandalism, such as:

  • Removing large amount of content from pages
  • Inserting gibberish or spam into pages
  • Inserting false information (i.e. stating an unannounced sequel will be released such as Toy Story 5 or Incredibles 3).
  • Adding pornographic, fanon or non-Pixar images
  • Abusive or indecent user names, or using multiple user names
  • Abusive or intimidating behavior
  • Adding pages or content for non-Pixar or fanon productions

Any of the above actions could lead to blocking, up to and including permanent blocking, with no warning. In other cases, an indefinite block may be used when a user is violating wiki policy or making many edits that will need to be reverted. In such cases, an administrator may use an indefinite block to pause the user. The administrator will leave a note on the user's talk page explaining the issue. Once the user responds (users can still write on their talk page when blocked) stating they understand the issue and will no longer demonstrate that behavior, the administrator will lift the block. Otherwise, the standard blocking policy is as follows:

  1. Blocking is only used when a user is violating wiki policy.
  2. The user will be given a warning via a message on their talk page. It is preferred that users respond in the positive to these messages so the administrators know the user has read and understood the policy.
  3. If the user continues with the same behavior, a 1 week to 1 month block will be issued. The length of block will be based on whether the user has responded to previous messages and the amount of work that will be required to revert the user's edits.
  4. If, after the first block is lifted the user continues with the same behavior, another block will be issued, up to a permanent block.
  5. In some cases, the block can be lifted if the user responds on their talk page or Community Central wiki. Whether the block is lifted early will be to the discretion of the administrators.