Pixar Wiki

The Pixar Wiki is for official Pixar information only. The wiki should also be mindful of spoilers. When Pixar releases a film they want as many people to see it without being spoiled, and as a wiki community we want to respect and uphold that desire. In terms of spoilers, here are some guidelines:

  • Plot points, character identities, etc regarding an upcoming movie should not be published until after its wide theatrical release. This is especially true for information that could spoil the viewing of the film, such as the film's primary villain (i.e. Lotso in Toy Story 3). When adding plot details immediately after a film's release, please notify wiki readers by adding this template: {{spoiler}}.
  • Information published before a film's release can be used and referenced, as long as references are provided. For instance, information published in blogs, articles and podcasts from publishers that attended a movie's press day can be used, but you must provide a reference to such material.
  • Trailers and clips can also be referenced but note they should not be construed as factual, or used as proof for things like a charater's voice actor, who is or isn't an antagonist, etc, since often content from trailers does not make it into the final released film, or was put into a trailer with full knowledge it wouldn't be included in the film. Pixar has also removed characters and changed voice actors during production and after trailers have been released.
  • Defining a film's protagonist, antagonist, villain, etc, should not be based on pre-release content, unless officially stated by Pixar (and reference made to such release).