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Trivia Enumeration is trying to put a numeric label on a character, event or action (i.e. "This is the first Pixar film to have a female protagonist", or "Joy is the second female protagonist"). While the first occurrence may be significant and interesting, the impact quickly diminishes as there are more occurrences. It also becomes more difficult to maintain and keep accurate. To avoid a lot of inaccuracies and necessary maintenance, this wiki prohibits trivia enumeration beyond the first enumeration. Any additional enumerations (the second, third, etc) are forbidden. Terms like only should not be used, as they can quickly become out of date. In addition, modifiers that attempt to get around this policy, such as "this is the first film since . . ." are also prohibited.

Violators are subject to being blocked as described below.

Why this is prohibited[]

  1. It's a type of edit war. Can occur within minutes, hours or days, or can occur over several months.
  2. This type of information quickly loses relevance, especially after the second enumeration.
  3. The information often becomes out-of-date and incorrect as new films are released, requiring re-editing to keep it accurate. This is particularly true of enumerations like, "This is the only Pixar movie to...", as this is unlikely to remain true for very long.
  4. People that focus on trivia enumeration often do not make any other kind of edit, so they are not helping to build the wiki.

Block durations[]

This wiki implements a "three strikes and you're out" blocking policy.

The first instance of trivia enumeration will result in a warning. If it is necessary to get the user's attention to stop them from editing pages and to make sure they read the warning, a block of up to a day can be used. Include in the block reason a notice like "read the message on your Talk page" so they will see it when the wiki notifies them they cannot edit at this time.

The second instance will result in a one-month block.

The third instance will result in the block becoming permanent.

There is an exception to the "three strikes and you're out" rule: if someone makes a large number of trivia enumeration edits and has not contributed any other types of edits, an admin can immediately use a permanent block. In this case, the user can get the block lifted if they acknowledge the trivia enumeration policy on their talk page (which is editable during the block) and commits to not violating it.