Plasmabolt's NSA file.

Plasmabolt was a character in The Incredibles.

The Incredibles

Plasmabolt was a part of the Super team known as The Phantasmics alongside Everseer, Macroburst, Psycwave and formerly Gazerbeam. Her tactical role was to provide physical attacks.

It is unknown whether she is living, or killed during Operation Kronos or any other accident.


Plasmabolt could emit plasma waves by capturing electromagnetic energy in the antennae of her costume and transferring it to her hands. She could also achieve flight through high tensile, dacronic fiber, reinforced acrillium wings.


She was known for being obsessed with the outdoors, spending her normal life under the guise of a forest ranger, which she was adamant about keeping separate from her superhero identity.


  • Plasmabolt only appears in the bonus disc of The Incredibles, and thus is the only Super to only appear as an NSA file and not be mentioned in the film.
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