Pocketeer is a character in Toy Story of Terror!. He is a superhero action figure colored and blue and orange and adorned, fittingly, with many pockets.

Toy Story of Terror!

In his toy line, Pocketeer is one of the Fastener Four, a team of superheroes themed after fastening devices. Its other members are Zipper Man, Snaps, and Speed Lacer.

Pocketeer was one of the toys stolen by Ron the Manager at the time Bonnie's toys were captured. His three teammates had been also captured, but had all been sold by this time. He had a few paper clips in his front pocket, which the toys tried to use to open the display case they were imprisoned in. However, all attempts failed, and Pocketeer realized they had used up all his clips. He started to panic, believing that, as the last of the Fastener Four, he was the next to go, but was stopped by Combat Carl Jr.

After the toys finally escaped, Pocketeer left with the others, hitching a ride on a delivery truck.


  • The names of most of Pocketeer's toy line and figures allude to famous fictive heroes: the Fastener Four refers to The Fantastic Four, Zipper Man to Superman, Speed Lacer to Speed Racer, and Pocketeer to Disney's Rocketeer.
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