Pope Pinion IV (also known as The Pope) is a cameo character in Cars 2.

Cars 2

The Pope is a white car and the leader of the Catholic Church. For his public appearances, the Pope uses the Popemobile, a truck transporting him in a glass box. He is first mentioned in a scene where Finn McMissile asks Mater if the Hugos and Trunkovs are considered Lemons, to which Mater replied "Is the Popemobile Catholic?" Later in the film, Pope Pinion is seen in his Popemobile at the World Grand Prix race in Italy.


  • The pope is a reference to the real life pope. However, it is a fictional pope, as the real life pope back then was Pope Benedict XVI. Benedict XVI would later be succeeded by Pope Francis.
  • The die-cast version of him can be put in the Popemobile, like in the movie.
  • The Pope seems to be based on the US-spec BMW New Class coupé.
  • According to the die-cast, his license plate reads SCV1.
  • Pope Pinion's tires, as well as those of the Popemobile read ALTUS VIA, which literally translates from Latin as "High Road".
  • The Pope is also referred to as the "Popemobile": in the movie, Mater says "Is the Popemobile Catholic?", a car deformation of "Is the Pope Catholic?" This appellation makes sense as usually, cameos of personalities in the Cars franchise appear as the car they are seen with. However, the Pope in the film being transported in a vehicle also called the Popemobile, it creates a confusion between him and his driver.


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