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Cars 2 Porto Corsa Intro - Clip

Cars 2 Porto Corsa Intro - Clip

Porto Corsa is a location that appeared in Cars 2. It is where the second out of three races in the World Grand Prix is held. Porto Corsa is based on Monaco and the Monaco Grand Prix,  with features taken from Porto Fino, Liguria, Italy.

Cars 2

The colorful city of Porto Corsa is located on the Italian Riviera, North East of Corsica on the coast of Italy. Built on a hilly terrain, it features arched bridges, partly paved roads, a boat-filled marina and a casino. Dubbed "the Gem of the Riviera", it is a popular destination of tourism and leisure for the wealthy, attracting exceptional cars and celebrities such as Fabrizio, or even the Pope.

The small village of Carsoli is located nearby Porto Corsa.

Porto Corsa was chosen to host the second race of the World Grand Prix. The track passes through the narrow and sinuous streets of the town and on several of its bridges.

Near the end of the race, a huge crash involving most of the racers (except Carla Veloso and Nigel Gearsley who had already spun out) occurred on the Casino bridge. Shu Todoroki was hit by the Lemons' pulse generator and spun out. Miguel Camino and Max Schnell, who were following closely, tried to brake but failed and crashed into Todoroki, forming a pile-up blocking the track. Raoul ÇaRoule and Rip Clutchgoneski came and crashed as well. Only Jeff Gorvette and Lewis Hamilton braked successfully and avoided crashing.

Lightning McQueen and Francesco Bernoulli were in front of the crash and raced unharmed to the finish line. Lightning won and Francesco came in second, but because all other racers failed to finish, the race was a complete disaster.

Buildings and Attractions

  • Casino di Porto Corsa: one of the most prominent attractions of Porto Corsa, located on a rocky outcropping shaped like a 1948 Fiat 500 Topolino.[1]
  • Casino bridge: the biggest of the three bridges that connect the outcropping of the casino to the mainland.
  • Porto Corsa Municipio: The town hall, a large building dominating the center of the town near the marina. It is adorned with the Fiat logo.
  • Porto Corsa Marina: shaped like a hubcap.[1]
  • Carmani: Seller of luxury grills and other car ornaments.
  • Cafe di Porto Corsa: An open air cafe near the casino, where Holley Shiftwell and Finn McMissile are stationed during Mater's infiltration.
  • Fluido Enogastronomia: One of the restaurants on the same plaza as the casino.
  • Café Frizione
  • Moda Motore


Starting Positions

Position Number Name
1 1 Francesco Bernoulli
2 95 Lightning McQueen
3 8 Carla Veloso
4 7 Shu Todoroki
5 24 Jeff Gorvette
6 5 Miguel Camino
7 2 Lewis Hamilton
8 4 Max Schnell
9 9 Nigel Gearsley
10 10 Rip Clutchgoneski
11 6 Raoul ÇaRoule

Finishing Positions

Position Number Name
1 95 Lightning McQueen
2 1 Francesco Bernoulli
DNF 7 Shu Todoroki
DNF 5 Miguel Camino
DNF 4 Max Schnell
DNF 6 Raoul ÇaRoule
DNF 10 Rip Clutchgoneski
8 24 Jeff Gorvette
9 2 Lewis Hamilton
DNF 9 Nigel Gearsley
DNF 8 Carla Veloso

Italic denotes/DNF means that the car was part of the big wreck.


  • While the other World Grand Prix races take place in real cities, Porto Corsa is a fictional location.
  • To create the look of Porto Corsa, the designers combined the racetrack of Monaco with the terrain of the Amalfi Coast.[1]
  • Exhaust pipe chimney

    An exhaust pipe-shaped chimney

    Porto Corsa was inspired by the cities of Genoa, Vernazza, Positano, Monte Carlo and Portofino.[2]
    • The name is similar to Porto Cervo (Sardinia), another Italian city on the coast.
  • Some houses in Porto Corsa have chimneys shaped like an exhaust pipe.
  • A Cars 2 advertisement for Answer Seguros uses Porto Corsa as its setting.
  • At the craps table in the Porto Corsa casino, the game is played with fuzzy dice, much like the kind one might find hanging from a car’s rearview mirror.[1]



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