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John Walker (simply known as "Principal") is a minor character in The Incredibles. He is the principal of Metroville Elementary School.

The Incredibles[]

"Maintaining order in school is the principal's job. When Dash's teacher, Mr. Kropp, can't prove that he misbehaved, the principal lets Dash go. Now he has his hands full calming Mr. Kropp."[1]

During Dash Parr's immersion in Metroville Elementary, Bernie Kropp is always sure that he is playing pranks on him. Whenever Bernie suspects Dash, he is sent to the principal's office and his parents are called. However, Bernie has little evidence to convict Dash until he hid a camera but wasn't quick enough to record his superspeed. Every time, Walker lets Dash go.


  • Although he is identified in the film credits and screenplay as simply Principal, his name can be seen printed on certificates hanging in his office. He is named after The Incredibles’ producer, John Walker.