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Priya Mangal[1] (born c. 1989) is one of the main characters in Pixar's 2022 animated feature film, Turning Red. She is one of Mei's best friends.


Priya is presented to be the most chill and mellow of the four girls while also being supportive of them and having their back. Despite being deadpan and stoic most of the time, she tends to act as excitable as the rest of her friends. Priya is interested in anything that's macabre. She is seen reading a vampire romance novel during her introduction scene and also ask's Mei if she's a werewolf after seeing her red panda form. She often makes vampire-like poses like crossing her arms when she's lying down and she also said that she always wanted a tail. Priya's gothic interests are further displayed at Tyler's party when she acts out mortality for a charades game and when she utters the phrase "Thank Cthulhu," after Mei finally arrived at the party.

Physical Appearance

Priya is an average height, Indian-Canadian, 13-year-old teenage girl with brown eyes, thick eyebrows, and curly, wavy, brownish-black hair that falls right past her shoulders; her bangs are parted and slightly curled. She wears navy glasses with mini gold hoop earrings and a gold nose piercing. Her clothing consists of a stripy yellow shirt with a small zipper on the top of it, baggy pants that feature pockets and grey sneakers that have blue lacings. She also wears a grayish-yellow watch on her right arm, black nail polish and a rainbow friendship bracelet on the left.


  • Priya is one of the few Disney and Pixar characters to wear nose jewelry.
  • Priya is implied to be queer. Aside from her shared crush on 4*Town, she is also seen dancing with a goth girl at Tyler's party while Mei, Miriam and Abby give a suggestive look. Cultural Trust member Andrea Goh later confirmed in a tweet that she is, in fact, queer.
  • When introduced, Priya is seen as a fan of the "Nightfall" series, an homage to the "Twilight" series of supernatural novels written by Stephanie Meyer.
    • However, the first Twilight novel came out in 2005, three years after the setting date of Turning Red in 2002.
  • Priya is represented by the color yellow. This was most likely intended to be ironic as yellow is a happy and joyous color while Priya is mostly deadpan. However, in Indian culture, yellow is seen as a sign of purity, chastity and sensuality, which are major themes in the movie.
  • Despite her name being given as “Priya Dewan” on the "Nobody Like U" lyric video, the Pixar website states that her name is “Priya Mangal”.