Ratatouille dish

Final plating of ratatouille as seen in the film.

Ratatouille is a traditional French dish made from several different types of vegetables. It is featured in the titular Pixar film Ratatouille.


The name of the dish was first mentioned in passing by Linguini while he was drunk. The dish itself was later made by Remy and the rat clan made for the food critic, Anton Ego, who luckily happened to have loved the dish in his early childhood, and happily ate the dish at Gusteau's. Although the dish garnered the restaurant a glowing review from Ego, soon after people realized that rats were present in the kitchen, the restaurant was closed due to infestation. Ego also lost his job and credibility as a restaurant critic, and was instead became an investor in Remy's personal and highly popular restaurant, La Ratatouille, where Ego would almost always ask for this dish.


  • Ratatouille Dish

    Confit byaldi, featuring vegetables cut into thin rounds.

    Two versions of the Ratatouille dish are actually featured in the film: the one servered to Anton Ego at Gusteau's is known as Confit byaldi, which was chosen for it's more pleasing appareance, compared to the traditional version. The traditional version appeared briefly in Ego's flashback to his childhood.
  • Colette Tatou considered Ratatouille to be a "peasant's dish".
    Ratatouille traditional dish

    Traditional ratatoullie featured in Anton Ego's flashback scene

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