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"This is Rex! The meanest, most terrifying dinosaur who ever lived!"
Andy Davis shows Rex to Bonnie Anderson

Rex is a supporting character in the Toy Story franchise. He is a plastic green Tyrannosaurus Rex, who served as the main character of Partysaurus Rex.

Rex is insecure about his lack of ferociousness, as he's not scary enough and seems to just be annoying. Rex's worst fear (after Sid) is that Andy may gain another, scarier dinosaur to replace him.

Toy Story

"But what if Andy gets another dinosaur, a mean one? I just don't think I could take that kind of rejection!"
—Rex thinks he's getting replaced
Rex gaspreplaced.jpg

Rex had a small role in the first film. In the beginning of the film, Rex attempts to try out his roar to Woody after luring him there by stealing his doodle pad. He learns to his dismay that the roar he emitted did not even come close to scaring Woody, and in fact it actually came off as annoying. He is also shocked along with the toys when he learns that Andy's "birthday" was moved from the Wednesday of the following week to the current day, and expresses fear of his being replaced, especially if it was another carnivore-based dinosaur toy as he wouldn't take that rejection well. When the surprise present is unveiled to the kids and Sarge reports it, but is unable to ascertain the identity of the present, Rex ends up inadvertently wrecking the baby monitor due to his shaking the bedside due to impatiently wanting to know the identity of the surprise present. When Buzz Lightyear first came to Andy's room, he was just as amazed by him as all the other toys (as well as greatly relieved that Buzz wasn't another dinosaur) and even managed to become more fierce with his roar thanks to Buzz.

Rex tries to avoid confronting Woody when he is accused of trying to jealously kill Buzz (although mostly because he doesn't want confrontation from either side) as Woody was being ambushed the first time Rex watched in horror, but slowly and reluctantly turns against him under peer pressure, quickly experiencing guilt later on when Bo Peep sees Woody with Buzz on RC. He is known to have a queasy stomach and actually "barfed" when he saw Buzz's severed arm.

By the end of the film, he seems to have gained confidence throughout the movies expressing hope that Andy will receive a leaf-eating dinosaur for Christmas that Rex can play with and intimidate.

Toy Story 2

"You'd think with all my video game experience, I'd be feeling more prepared."
—Rex, as he leaves on a mission organized by Buzz to rescue Woody

Rex has a larger role in the second film. He is first seen playing the Buzz Lightyear: Attack on Zurg video game, which terminates with Buzz being destroyed by Emperor Zurg, much to Rex's dismay and Buzz's disappointment, who says that Rex almost had it and that he should be a better Buzz than he is. Rex later inadvertently destroys the toys' presentation of Woody's kidnapping after he is stolen by Al McWhiggin of Al's Toy Barn, asking them how to write FBI in order to contact their help. He is then seen channel-hopping in an attempt to find Al's Toy Barn commercial, but Hamm eventually takes over, doing it far more rapidly.

Thinking he is prepared with his video game experiences, Rex accompanies Buzz, Potato Head, Hamm, and Slinky on their mission to rescue Woody. After the toys enter Al's Toy Barn, Rex excitedly finds a "Buzz Lightyear" video game strategy guide. He is later heard talking incessantly about the guidebook to Potato Head, much to the latter's annoyance. While riding with the other toys in a convertible, Rex blocks Tour Guide Barbie's view with the guidebook, causing the car to crash into a container of bouncy balls and losing the guidebook as a result. Unable to retrieve it, Rex catches up with the moving car and falls in headfirst. He later attracts Utility Belt Buzz (unaware he wasn't Andy's Buzz) with his claim of knowing how to defeat Zurg.

Rex is considered to be the heaviest of Andy's toys as when he loses his grip on New Buzz's utility belt grappling hook and pushes the toys to the bottom, causing the new Buzz's strength to give out. Later, New Buzz and the toys use Rex's head as a battering ram to break into Al's apartment. When the toys later go down the elevator after Al leaves the room with Woody and the Roundup gang, Rex witnesses the duel between New Buzz and an Emperor Zurg action figure. Just as Zurg is about to finish Buzz off (at point blank range), Rex turns away, not bearing to look anymore, but his tail lashes out and knocks Zurg down the elevator shaft, making him feel overjoyed about finally defeating Zurg at the elevator.

At the end of the film when Hamm is playing the video game, he asks Rex for help, but Rex proudly replies, "I don't need to play; I've lived it!"

In the outtakes, the toys use him as a battering ram, only for Rex to hurt his head when banged against the locked grate.

Toy Story 3

"He held me! He actually held me!"
—Rex after andy briefly picks him up for the first time in years

Rex returns in the third film, as he eagerly awaits the opportunity to finally get played with by children again. Years later, Andy is 17 years old, and Rex, like the other toys, wishes so much to be played with that he even gets excited when Andy picks him up. The toys are accidentally almost thrown away by Andy's mom, thinking that they are trash. Rex was responsible for saving the toys' lives with his pointy tail to split open the trash bag. With them believing that they are just junk to Andy now, they decide to sneak into a box bound for Sunnyside Daycare.

Once at Sunnyside, they are welcomed by the other toys that reside there, led by Lotso, the strawberry-scented bear (as remarked by Rex), who show that Sunnyside is a paradise for toys where you will be played with by generations and generations of kids. The toys there take Rex and the others to the Caterpillar Room, telling them that they will soon be played with by children. When the kids are returning to the room, Rex eagerly waits in front of the door, excited that he is finally going to get some play time. However, when the kids enter, it is discovered that they are very little children who have no regard for treating a toy right, even breaking off Rex's tail. After the daycare closes for the evening, Rex recovers his tail from a pegboard. Soon, he and the other toys realize that Woody has been truthful about Andy's intent of putting them into the attic. They decide to leave to go home, but are imprisoned in wire cubbies functioning as prison cells by Lotso, his gang, and a reset Buzz.

The next day, following another rough playtime with the toddlers, Woody returns to Sunnyside, and Rex and the other toys are elated to see him again. Woody then formulates a plan to help the toys escape Sunnyside and return home to Andy. On the night the toys carry out their breakout plan, Rex and Hamm, upon receiving a signal from Jessie, stage a little fight to distract Buzz, who then intervenes to try to break up the fight. With Buzz preoccupied, Jessie and Bullseye emerge from their cells and slam a plastic storage bin over Buzz. Rex and Hamm then immediately jump onto the bin to trap Buzz. Just after Woody, Slinky, and Barbie return to the Caterpillar Room with a Buzz Lightyear instruction manual in hand, Buzz breaks himself free, and Rex and Hamm tackle him down from the side to stop him from escaping. In order to reset Buzz, Woody has Rex insert his finger into a tiny hole below the switch, and Rex holds the button long enough to cause Buzz to shut down, but Buzz then springs back to life in his Spanish deluded version. After a series of attempts and planning, the toys finally escape Sunnyside through the trash chute that leads to a dumpster outside, but are cornered by Lotso and his gang, who had "broken" Chatter Telephone into informing them of the escape plan. Woody, having been informed of Lotso's past, brings up the subject of Daisy, making Big Baby (and by extent the other Sunnyside toys) turn on Lotso and throw him into the dumpster.

After Lotso grabs Woody and pulls him inside the dumpster. Rex and the toys follow to save him. At the landfill, Rex is the last one to get a metal object and grabs onto a fan. When approaching an incinerator a few feet away from where they were, Rex mistakes it for daylight. Woody points out that it isn't daylight, but flames. Rex is horrified when Lotso leavs the toys to die in the incinerator. The toys hold hands—Rex takes Mr. Potato Head's hand—as they accept their fiery deaths, but are rescued by the Aliens operating a giant claw. When the toys make their way back home, they clean themselves of the dirt and grime that had made its way onto them during their escape. The toys aside Woody climb into a box bound for attic and say goodbye to him; Rex tells Woody to take care of Andy.

However, Woody decides that the toys deserve a better place than the attic so he writes to Andy to donate the toys to Bonnie Anderson. Andy arrives at Bonnie's house and gives his toys to her; when he shows Rex to Bonnie, he makes roaring sounds as if Rex is roaring, making her recoil initially, but she chuckles as she notices that it's just a toy and takes Rex. After Andy was moving out to college, Rex is briefly seen talking to Trixie, becoming close friends with her, as further shown in the film credits when the two dinosaur toys are seen playing a game on a computer together. Their cooperation pays off as they help each other reach the end of the game, then Trixie reaches her paws out to catch Rex's tiny arms in a high-five. Finally, Rex and Trixie are seen side by side as the toys enjoy watching Buzz and Jessie perform a paso doble to "Hay Un Amigo En Mi" (the Spanish version of "You've Got a Friend in Me").

Toy Story 4

"Does this mean that Woody's a lost toy?"
—Rex during the ending scene

Rex is a minor character in Toy Story 4, and doesn't make a lot of appearances. He is mainly seen when Woody introduces Forky in Bonnie's bedroom. In the closing scene when Woody chooses to part ways with the gang and stay with Bo Peep, he asks Buzz Lightyear if Woody is now a lost toy, to which Buzz replies that he is not lost, not anymore.

The Dinosaur Who Eats Force Field Dogs

Rex as "The Dinosaur Who Eats Force Field Dogs" in Toy Story 3.

"Well, I brought my dinosaur who eats force field dogs!"
—Woody, after One-Eyed Bart protects himself and his goons with his Attack Dog with a Built-In Force Field

During Andy's play scenario that occurs in the opening sequences for both Toy Story and Toy Story 3, the latter taking place in real-world imagination in the Wild West, Rex is portrayed as Sheriff Woody's Dinosaur Who Eats Force Field Dogs. When summoned by Woody (and his allies in Toy Story 3), his role is to destroy an "Attack Dog with a Built-In Force Field" (Slinky's role), which Mr. Potato Head's character One-Eyed Bart (as well as his goons in Toy Story 3) has summoned for protection, so Woody can arrest Bart. In the third film, Jessie yodels out to summon the dinosaur, who appears from the cracking ground below. However, before he can destroy the "force field," he is interrupted when a spaceship controlled by Evil Dr. Porkchop (Hamm's character) appears, and Dr. Porkchop warps the villains, along with their attack dog, back inside the spaceship. Dr. Porkchop then activates "Death by Monkeys" to capture the heroes, and the Dinosaur Who Eats Force Field Dogs ends up being run over and defeated by the monkeys.

Toy Story Toons

Rex appeared in all the Toy Story Toons shorts, with the most prominent appearance being Partysaurus Rex in which he served as the main character.

Hawaiian Vacation

—Rex, posing as Hawaiian state bird

When Barbie and Ken are unhappy about Bonnie not taking them to Hawaii, Rex and the other toys help out Barbie and Ken by turning Bonnie's room into a tropical Hawaiian paradise. Rex poses as the state bird, the giant nay-nay.

Small Fry

Rex, alongside Buzz, were taken to Poultry Palace by Bonnie. When Bonnie goes over to the ball pit, she then has Buzz and Rex fall down the slide, before Mrs. Anderson tells her its time to go. Rex then tells Buzz that he loves playtime, with Buzz about to agree, even if the environment was unsanitary, but he was replaced by Fun Meal Buzz Lightyear who proceeded to finish for him, causing Rex to think Buzz actually was shrunk by the plastic balls in the ball-pit. After returning home, Rex then announced they have returned, with Woody and the others coming to greet him. However, they then discover Fun Meal Buzz, and although Rex (who was called "Tex" by Fun Meal Buzz) told the toys the ballpit balls made Buzz shrink, the other toys saw through the ploy and demanded Fun Meal Buzz to tell them where the real Buzz was. Eventually, Rex got into an argument with Woody, who angrily tried to point out, despite Rex's insistence that it was the real Buzz, that the "Buzz" currently in the room was obviously not the real Buzz due to "Buzz" being at least three inches tall. He later participated in the planning process to rescue Buzz, something that was later proven unnecessary when Buzz revealed himself to have escaped through the drive-thru, with Rex and the other toys welcoming him back enthusiastically.

Partysaurus Rex

"Rex will be perfect for the search party."

Rex has the lead role in this short,When attempting to prevent the bubble being blown by Mrs. Potato Head from hitting the floor, Rex accidentally popped the bubble, and also clumsily knocked the toys behind him with his tail, causing the toys to angrily chew him out, with Mr. Potato Head also teasing him by calling him "Partypooper Rex." Because Rex was the only toy present when Bonnie took him for bathtime, Rex was taken to the bath with her, where he played the role of a large sea monster who attacked Captain Suds and Chuck E. Duck (the former finding him as a survivor) before the bathtime was over. He then was introduced to the other bath toys directly afterwards, with him adopting the name "Partysaurus Rex" largely due to Mr. Potato Head's earlier taunt of him. When the water fully drained, Rex, although initially hesitant to start the bath again, eventually decided to do a new bath, even adopting a new garb as a result. However, he eventually realized that the bath was threatening to overflow, and attempted to the best of his abilities to end it and prevent the bathtub from overflowing, although complications from the other toys as well as the stop switch breaking and accidentally causing the shower to be activated had him fail. Because of his actions, the house ended up flooded with a huge tidal wave. Rex then commented that he was a Partysaurus, and then got the opportunity to prove it to his friends when the pool toys requested he start a party, also donning his Partysaurus hat.

Toy Story of Terror!

Rex is first seen in the Halloween special warning Betsy about the vampire. Later when the toys stop at the Sleep Well motel, he is the fourth toy to be taken by Mr. Jones.

Toy Story That Time Forgot

Rex is one of the main characters of the Christmas special and is first seen when Bonnie takes him, Trixie, and other toys to Mason's house. He is later seen walking amongst the Battlesaurs playsets with the others. To his delight, he is fitted with Battlesaur robot arms under the command of the Cleric, and starts using them to do things he couldn't do with his usual stubby arms. Later, he is commanded against his will by the Cleric to use his arms to drop Buzz and Woody into a fan, which would incinerate them. Before being shredded, however, Bonnie and Mason enter the room, thereby stopping the Cleric's plan. The robot arms are later removed from Rex before he returns home with Bonnie.

Pixar Popcorn

in the short to Fithness and Beyond Rex is seen doing push ups


Rex is based on the Tyrannosaurus toy from the Dinoriders toyline.[citation needed] In the original story pitch for Toy Story, Rex's personality was mostly the same as in the final film (although his reaction to the birthday was even more horror-struck and devastated, where he clung to Slinky while sobbing and yelling that they're "doomed" mid-sobs), except that he also showed himself to get very angry and vengeful when Woody callously admits to throwing Buzz out of the window on purpose.


Ironically, despite being portrayed as a ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex, Rex is gentle, kind, caring, and hates any kind of argument or confrontation. He also lacks some intelligence and is extremely trusting and carefree. His greatest fear is that he will be replaced or abandoned, but he is usually enthusiastic about anything and everything. With his childlike demeanor and lack of self-confidence, Rex is the most innocent of all the toys, and shows the greatest desire to be loved and played with. He also has a fear of other dinosaurs, but this is eventually overcome.

Toy Description

From Official Website:

Rex may look like the most fearsome dinosaur in the toy box, but this tyrannosaurus is one of the most lovable toys of the bunch. Despite his endless worries and insecurities about his small roar, Rex always comes through for his pals.


  • In Toy Story on Ice, Rex has a wife named Mrs. Rex.
  • Rex is shown to be left-handed. When meeting Buzz in Toy Story, he shakes Buzz's left hand.

    Rex in the outtakes of Monsters, Inc.

  • Rex quotes a few of George McFly's lines from Back to the Future: "I don't like confrontations!" and "I don't think I could take that kind of rejection!".
  • Rex makes a cameo in the outtakes for Monsters, Inc. auditioning for the role of Ted, but Rex is soon dismissed by the director despite his pleas for another take. Accordingly, he is shown to be taller than Mike and Sulley. Wallace Shawn reprised the role, though he was uncredited.
    • This is the first appearance Rex has made outside his franchise.
  • Wallace Shawn also voiced Gilbert Huph in The Incredibles.
  • A Rex toy appears at the beginning of WALL•E for a brief second when WALL•E is opening the door of his truck. Since it's a close-up, it can be very easy to spot.

    Rex's cameo in WALL•E (he is behind one of the two bowling pins)

  • According to the official movie magazine for Toy Story 3, Andrew Stanton is credited for the final design of Rex's face in the original film.
  • In the first film, Rex states that he was made by a subsidiary of Mattel (coincidentally, real-life Rex toys are now made by Mattel and Thinkway).
  • Real-life Rex toys used to be made by Hasbro, but as of 2009, they are indeed made by Mattel.
  • In early concepts, Rex's character was originally an Apatosaurus.
  • Along with the Aliens, Rex is the only main character to not use an angry expression in "Alive" mode.
  • In the first three Toy Story movies, Rex parodies Jurassic Park, starring Wayne Knight who played Al McWhiggin.
    • In Toy Story, when Rex roars at Mr. Potato Head during the song "Strange Things", his roar sounds just like the Tyrannosaurus rex in Jurassic Park.
    • In Toy Story 2, while inside Al's Toy Barn, Rex appears in a rearview side mirror (viewed by Mr. Potato Head) as he tries to catch up with the car, parodying a scene from Jurassic Park where a

      Rex and Trixie playing a computer game together.

      T-Rex appears in a rear-view mirror when chasing a crew in a jeep (although for entirely different reasons as the T-Rex in the film was trying to eat the crew in the car, while Rex was attempting to get back in the car).
    • In Toy Story 3, when Rex appears out of the ground, he roared with the Jurassic Park T-Rex roar.
  • Rex shows symptoms of neurosis in all three movies. This problem is somewhat addressed to this in the 2012 animated short Partysaurus Rex.
  • Rex, despite being a toy Tyrannosaurus rex, actually has three fingers on each hand instead of two in real life. However, this may have been intentional since Rex is a toy dinosaur, which, unless it was sold at a science museum gift shop or made for educational purposes, is actually not meant to be accurate.
  • Rex is a playable character on the Toy Story Racer video game.
  • Rex will appear in the new Toy Story Apple watch faces.
  • Rex was used in the Disc Shooting game on Novel Games on February 22 2018.
  • Before Wallace Shawn was cast, Rick Moranis was considered.


From Toy Story

(Rex jumps out and tries to scare Woody with a roar; Woody is unaffected)
Woody: "Oh, How're you doin', Rex?"
Rex: "Were you scared? Tell me honestly."
Woody: "I was close to being scared that time."
Rex: "Oh, I'm going for fearsome here, but I just don't feel it! I think I'm just coming off as annoying."
―Rex and Woody, on their first encounter[src]
"Oh, ya big lizard!"
—Mr. Potato Head, after Rex shakes the speaker off the table
"I don't like confrontations!"
—Rex, after Woody accidentally knocks Buzz Lightyear out of the window
"Whiskers, will you get outta here?! You're interfering with a search and rescue!"
—An angry Rex to a Cat in the bushes.
Hamm: "Yeah, boy, the weasel ran away."
Mr. Potato Head: "Huh? Huh? I told you he was guilty."
Rex: "Who would've thought he was capable of such atrocities?"
―Hamm, Mr. Potato Head and Rex, after learning of Woody's disappearance[src]
Rex: "Aah! I need air!"
Mr. Potato Head: "Will you quit moving around?"
Rex: "I'm sorry. It's just that I get so nervous before I travel."
Mr. Potato Head: "How did I get stuck with you as a moving buddy?"
Rex: "Everyone else was picked."
―Rex and Potato Head, just before the moving day[src]
"Ah! He's at it again!"
—Rex, thinking Woody is trying to murder RC.
Slinky: "What have we done?"
Rex: "Great, now I have guilt!"
―Slinky and Rex, after Bo Peep reveals that "Woody was telling the truth!"[src]
"Maybe Andy'll get another dinosaur, like a leaf eater. That way, I could play the uh...dominant predator."
—Rex's suggestion for Andy's Christmas present

From Toy Story 2

(Rex has been playing Buzz Lightyear: Attack on Zurg video game, but has lost as the words "GAME OVER" flash on the TV screen)
Rex: "Oh, no! NO! No, no, no, no!"
Buzz: "Oh, you almost had him."
Rex: "I'm never gonna defeat Zurg!"
Buzz: "Sure, you will, Rex. In fact, you're a better Buzz than I am."
Rex: "But look at my little arms! I can't press the 'fire' button and jump at the same time!"
―Rex loses at the video game while Buzz watches[src]
"Miss Peep, your sheep!"
—Rex calls for Bo Peep due to her sheep pulling the video game controller from him
"Don't do it, Woody! We love you!"
—Rex, as Woody goes out to the yard sale to rescue Wheezy
"Hey! It's not suicide! It's a rescue!"
—Rex, as Woody digs out Wheezy from the box
"What? He can't take Woody! It's illegal! Somebody do something!"
—Rex, as Al steals Woody from the yard sale
Rex: "How do you spell 'FBI'?"
(Rex destroys the "crime scene")
Mr. Potato Head: "My crime scene!"
Hamm: "Oh, why don't you watch where you're going, Godspilla?"
Rex: "I didn't know there was a crime scene."
―Rex "destroys" Hamm and Mr. Potato Head's Crime Scene Investigation[src]
"Losing health units. Must rest."
—Rex complains about not having a rest
(Rex screams when he loses grip on the video game manual to Buzz Lightyear: Attack on Zurg)
Rex: "My source of power! No! Come back!" (The manual disappears below a shelf) "NO!!!" (turns back to chase after the car) "Hey! Come on! Slow down! Dinosaur overboard! Slow down!"
(Rex screams as he jumps headfirst into the car)
Tour Guide Barbie: "Remain seated please. Permanecen sentados, por favor."
―Rex loses the manual and chasing the car, followed by Tour Guide Barbie's reminder
Hamm: "Hey, Buzz!"
New Buzz: "Halt! Who goes there?"
(New Buzz turns on his laser)
Mr. Potato Head: "Quit clowning around and get in the car!"
Rex: "Buzz, Buzz, I know how to defeat Zurg!"
(New Buzz turns off his laser)
New Buzz: "You do?"
Rex: "Come on, I'll tell you on the way."
Hamm, Rex, and Mr. Potato Head call to New Buzz[src]
Rex: "You see, all along, we thought the way into Zurg's fortress was through the main gate, but in fact, the secret entrance is to the left, hidden in the shadows."
(New Buzz opens his wrist communicator to take notes)
New Buzz: "To the left in the shadows, got it."
―Rex tells New Buzz some secrets he has learned from the video game manual[src]
(The elevator floor indicator stops at 23)
New Buzz: "Blast! He's on level 23."
Slinky Dog: "How are we going to get up there?"
Rex: "Maybe if we'd find some balloons, we could float to the top!"
Mr. Potato Head: "Are you kidding? I'd say we stack ourselves up, push the intercom, and pretend we're delivering a pizza."
Hamm: "How about a ham sandwich: with fries and a hot dog?"
Rex: "What about me?"
Hamm: "Uh, you could be the toy that comes with the meal."
―New Buzz and Andy's toys discuss ways to gain entry into Al's apartment[src]
"Hey, guys, it's not the walls; it's the elevator!"
—Rex, as he sees an elevator
Rex: "What are we gonna do, Buzz?"
New Buzz: "Use your head."
(Cut to New Buzz and the toys using Rex as a battering ram)
Rex: "But I don't wanna use my head!!!"
―New Buzz and the toys use Rex as a battering ram[src]
Woody: "Hold it, now! Hey, you don't understand! These are my friends!"
Rex: "Yeah, we're his friends!"
Woody: "No, Rex, I mean they're my friends!"
―Woody tries to stop the melee[src]
Rex: "Buzz, you could have defeated Zurg all along! You just need to believe in yourself!"
(Rex gasps as Zurg aims his ion blaster at New Buzz's head)
Zurg: "Prepare to die!"
Rex: "I can't look!" (Rex turns away, his tail knocks Zurg down the elevator shaft) "I did it. I finally defeated Zurg!"
New Buzz: "Father..."
―Rex defeats Zurg by accident[src]
"Guys, we can't park here; it's the white zone!"
—Rex, after the toys stop the Pizza Planet Truck at the airport
(Hamm is playing Buzz Lightyear: Attack on Zurg)
Hamm: "Uh, hey, Rex, I could use a hand over here."
Rex: "I don't need to play. I lived it!"
Hamm: "No, no, no, no! Oh, nuts!"
―Hamm asks Rex for help, but loses the video game[src]

From Toy Story 3

"He held me! He actually held me!"
—Rex, after Andy picks him up to get his cell phone, to which Rex holds on to
Rex: "At last, I'm gonna get played with!"
Buzz: "Uh, Rex?"
Rex: "Come to Papa!"
—Rex, as he runs to the door when the bell rings
"Andy never played with us like that!"
—Rex, after playtime at Sunnyside
"It's not my fault!"
—Rex, after Buzz shuts down
Hamm: "Hey! What do you think you're doing?! I told you: Keep your hands off my stuff!"
Rex: "Make a move porky!"
—Hamm and Rex while staging a fight to distract Buzz
Hamm: "Now what did you do?"
Rex: "I just did what you told me!"
—Hamm and Rex, after Buzz is reset into Spanish
"Woody, look! I can see daylight! We're gonna be okay!"
—Rex, as he sees a glow up ahead at Tri-County Landfill
"Woody, take care of Andy."
—Rex's farewell words to Woody

From Monsters, Inc.

Sulley: "Hey, Ted, good morning!"
Rex: "RAWR!!"
Crew: "Cut."
Rex: "Hey, how was that? Was I scary? Do I get a part?"
Crew: "Thank you."
Rex: "Can I do it again? I can be taller!"
Crew: "Next."
—Sulley greets Rex as Ted in an outtake for Monsters, Inc.







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