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Riley's Dad is a character in Inside Out. He has the same emotions as his daughter, but they all appear to be male and have his mustache. His main emotion seems to be Anger. He loves his wife and his daughter, but doesn't always understand them very well.

Inside Out[]

Riley's father used to live in Minnesota. Among others, he served as coach on Riley's hockey team. When Riley was 11, he led his family to move to San Francisco, where he starts work for Brang, a tech startup company. As soon as they arrive, his work consumes him, and he becomes more distant from his family. When at home, he is almost always seen on the phone, discussing investor problems. He is notably absent when Riley's Mom brings her to the local league's tryouts. He also becomes somewhat oblivious to Riley's own struggles, and seeing a strange new attitude from her part only results in a fight between them. He tries to make amends later, but his words can't seem to touch her.

He nevertheless remains a loving father, and when Riley admits she misses their old home, he comforts her, and confesses that he misses Minnesota too.

Sometime later, it is seen he has become highly supportive of his daughter at hockey, saying he doesn't want to miss one of her matches, and wearing proudly the team's colors.

Riley's First Date?[]

On the day when Riley was going ice skating with friends, Jordan knocked on the Andersens' house to pick her up. Her parents go into a panic, fearing this could be a date. While Mrs. Andersen went upstairs to inquire with Riley whether or not it was a date, Mr. Andersen tried staring down Jordan, but the boy's mind was off in space. He asked what Jordan liked to do for fun, the boy seemed to deflect, so he prepared to give him "the boot". Jordan then admitted to being in a band, causing Mr. Andersen to remember he was in a band as the lead guitarist and the two bonded over the fact that they both loved AC/DC. They then played loud rock music while playing with air guitars. An embarrassed Riley then comes down the stairs and drags Jordan out the door. Watching their daughter go, Mr. Andersen takes the opportunity to kiss his wife, which only lasted for a moment.


  • The Inside Out: The Essential Guide states his full name is Bill Anderson.[2]