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Riley's Mind is the main location in Inside Out. It is a metaphysical place which encompasses all the aspects of Riley's consciousness.

Locations within

Long Term Memory


Riley's mind is very large and includes locations like:

It is hinted that there are many more places within her mind in addition to those visited in the film, such as Inductive Reasoning, Déja Vu, Language Processing, Déja Vu, Critical Thinking, and Déja Vu.

When Riley is awake, the "sky" is lit up. When she is asleep, it goes dark, revealing the glow of the memories stored in Long Term. When Riley's personality breaks down as she runs away, the sky becomes gray like a gathering storm.

Known Residents

A large amount of individuals known as "mind workers" live and work Riley's Mind. These include:


  • One of her memories is the playground of Sunnyside Daycare from Toy Story 3, with the only difference being that the slide is not coiled, but straight.
  • It would appear that Headquarters acts as the main source of illumination (the sun and moon) inside Riley's mind, as everything lit in Riley's mind tends to face headquarters. There is also a strong "sun like" glow emitting from HQ when looking directly at it.
  • According to Sadness, the expanses of Riley's mind are endless and do not have a set ending point. Far off in the distance of her mind, as seen in a few shots, are larger structures sticking up like buildings. Upon further examination, many of them seem to still be shelves of Long Term Memory, only taller in height.


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