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Rust-eze Racing Center entry

The Rust-eze Racing Center is a location in Cars 3. It is a training facility associated with Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment, the sponsor of Lightning McQueen. It was brought from a simpler form to its current state under Sterling's direction.[1] The racing center offers high tech, state-of-the-art installations designed to train young rookies for the race track, such as racing simulators as well as motivational therapy. Cruz Ramírez works as a trainer and works with several other cars

Cars 3[]

In Cars 3, after Lightning McQueen's crash in Los Angeles, he arrives at the Rust-eze Racing Center in search of assistance. He is introduced by Sterling to a young trainer named Cruz Ramirez, who calls McQueen her "senior project". Together, the two train to help Lightning grow to beat Jackson Storm in the Florida 500.

Later the Racing Center appears when Sterling was interviewed by RSN and during the film credits Tex appears with Lightning and Cruz.After that Lightning introduces the Racing Center to Tow Mater and Lizzie and they train, well in the photos, Lizzie get electroshocked wind tunnels and Mater has the RRC suit but failed.

Cars 3: Driven to Win[]

The Rust-eze Racing Center does not make a major appearance in Cars 3: Driven to Win, however it can be seen in the background on the track "Fireball Beach Backwoods Rally".







  • Treadster Pro (Trainee treadmills)
  • Treadster XLR8 (Cruz's treadmill)
  • Tron Master (Treadmill screens)
  • XDL 24 GTS Mark Z (Racing simulator)



  • There is a Cars on the Road playset that was released by Mattel, under the name of "Dinoco Rusteze Racing Center".
    • This possibly hints at the racing center's planned appearance in the show, along with Cruz's Cars on the Road variant being titled "Racing Center Cruz Ramirez".