Ryan "Inside" Laney is a character in Cars 3. He is be voiced by and based on Ryan Blaney. He sports the racing number 21 (the same as Blaney) and is sponsored by Blinkr.[1] Blaney is a "third-generation racer", "known for his racing passion and ability to have fun on the track", who "races with talent, speed and precision".[2]

Cars 3

Ryan is one of the six next-generation racers, along with Harvey Rodcap, Tim Treadless, Ed Truncan, Aaron Clocker, and H.J. Hollis, to make their debut at the Motor Speedway of the South race, following Speedy Comet being fired. Sometime before the Florida 500, when being told in an interview that Lightning McQueen has not shown up yet, he compares this to the events from the first film when he did not show up at the tie-breaker race, something he heard from his grandfather.


  • Among the four next-generation racers who are based off of real race car drivers, Ryan is the only one to carry a sponsor that did not appear in the first film.
  • When Cam Spinner caused the wreck at the Florida 500, and before Tim Treadless hits him, you see Laney's paint job is different in the other way round, making people confused if he is the View Zeen next gen racer. This is likely a minor mistake in the film.



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