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Scare Floor F is a major location in Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University.

Monsters, Inc.

Scare Floor F is where Sulley, Mike and their fellow Scarers work. It is a large warehouse-like room with glass windows on the ceiling, desks and door holders where various children's closet doors are brought in from the door vault by an overhead conveyor belt and are brought down by lifts on the ground. Then, the Scarers enter the doors and try their best to scare as many children as possible to collect more screams. During any decontamination exam with the CDA, the overhead windows are locked down and doors on the skylight ceiling open up to let the CDA in. Near the entrance is a giant clock and monitor display showing the Scarers' ranks and a map showing the area the Scarers will scare children. Its supervisor is Jerry. At the end of the film, Sulley, after becoming the new CEO, converts this (and possibly all of the other scare floors) into "laugh floors" to reflect the company's new premise of making children laugh.

Monsters University

Scare Floor F is only seen at the very end when Mike and Sulley get promoted. The Scare Floor shown when Oozma Kappa sneaks on campus is Scare Floor D. It is shown that Scarers like Earl "The Terror" Thompson, Carla "Killer Claws" Benitez, and Screaming Bob Gunderson used to work there.