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Listed here are all of the Scarers of Scare Floor F in Monsters, Inc.

Joe "JJ" Ranft[]

A large, red monster with huge fists and three eyes. He is named after the late Joe Ranft.

Harry "Bud" Luckey[]

A thin, turquoise cephalopod monster with long, shaggy purple hair covering his entire face. He is named after the late Bud Luckey.

Bob Peterson[]

A light blue dinosaur-like monster with removable sharp teeth, who is nicknamed, "Dentures". He is named after Bob Peterson.

Scarers of other Scare Floors[]


During the event of Monsters At Work and the epilogue of Monsters Inc., Scarers are replaced by Jokesters due to the laugh replacing scream as a new and better form of energy.

The transition from Scarers to Jokesters is not easy during the early days since all scarers are needed to be retrained to do comedy to make children laugh. Furthermore, the art of comedy is much more difficult than the art of scaring, demanding Jokesters to constantly thinking of new ways to make children laugh.