Listed here are all of the Scarers of Scare Floor F in Monsters, Inc.

Joe "JJ" Ranft

A large, red monster with huge fists and three eyes. He is named after the late Joe Ranft.

Harry "Bud" Luckey

A thin, turquoise cephalopod monster with long, shaggy purple hair covering his entire face. He is named after Bud Luckey.

Bob Peterson

A light blue dinosaur-like monster with removable sharp teeth, who is nicknamed, "Dentures". He is named after Bob Peterson.

Scarers of other Scare Floors

  • Earl "The Terror" Thompson
  • Carla "Killer Claws" Benitez
  • Frightening Frank McCay
  • "Screaming" Bob Gunderson
  • Hank "The Tank" Knapp
  • Rufus Remerez - an orange Ricky Plesuski-like monster
  • Clive Carver - a light blue Spike Jones-like monster
  • Jason Chiang - a red-and-yellow-striped monster with batlike wings
  • Tracey, Stacey and Casey the Kowalski Sisters - a three-headed purple dragon-like monster
  • Walter "Wailing Walt" Friedman - a shaggy yellow monster with three horns on his head and two upward-pointing fangs
  • Dorothy "The Pink Widow" Newbern - a pink pompom spider-like monster
  • "Jumping" Jerry Jablonski - a light green Rivera-like monster
  • Darryl Payne - a green monster with long, thin arms and legs, three eyes, and sharp spikes covering his body
  • Carol Dallmar - a yellow Ricky Plesuski-like monster
  • Betty Stevenson - a red one-eyed monster with two large cow-like horns
  • Carl Johnson - a purple one-eyed monster with a single horn on his head
  • Tommy Gill -  a rectangular yellow monster with one eye, scale-like hair, and dark yellow spots
  • Raj Kapoor - a purple Indian rhinoceros-like monster with spike-like "hair" and a short horn on his nose
  • Willy Nowiki - a blue slug-like monster with bat wings and two horns on his head
  • Lime Green Longhorned Spif
  • Yellow Nose-horn George Sanderson
  • Purple Bob Peterson
  • Green Bob Peterson
  • Purple Nose-horn George Sanderson
  • Purple Joe Ranft
  • Magenta Jerry
  • Purple Lanky Schmidt
  • Dark Blue Phlegm Bile
  • Blue Ms. Nesbit
  • Don Carlton
  • Scott "Squishy" Squibbles
  • Terri and Terry Perry
  • Art
  • Javier Rios
  • Rosie Levin
  • Nancy Kim
  • Donna Soohoo
  • Dean Hardscrabble (formerly)
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