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Buzz: "Hmm, sure is a hairy fellow."
Woody: "No, no, that's Scud, you idiot."
Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Scud is Sid Phillips' manic, aggressive pet bull terrier in Toy Story. He loved to help his owner torture any toy for fun by chewing them. He also likes dog toys better than other toys.

Toy Story[]

Scud is first seen with Sid, who blows up a Combat Carl. Later, when Sid returns home from Pizza Planet with Woody, Buzz, and an alien in his backpack, Scud greets him with barking. Sid tells Scud to sit and grabs the alien from his backpack. Sid then places the alien sideways on top of Scud's muzzle and counts down until Scud chews on it violently.

When Woody tries to escape from Sid's house, he encounters Scud, who is asleep halfway down the stairs, forcing Woody to retreat. Unfortunately, his pull-string hoop gets caught in one of the curls of the railing as he creeps down the upper-level hallway. The hoop then snaps off from the railing, triggering Woody's sampled voice and Scud wakes up and charges toward Woody and Buzz. Buzz tells Woody to split up and Woody hides in the closet while Buzz hides in another room. Scud sneaks into the room where Buzz is but is forced to back away when he catches sight of Sid's father sleeping on a La-Z-Boy and leaves before Buzz sees the TV commercial for Buzz Lightyear toys and learns that he is a toy for the first time.

Later, when Sid takes Buzz out of his room, Woody attempts to give chase. He is able to catch the door before it closes, but as he opens the door, he encounters Scud standing on the far side of the hallway. Catching sight of Woody, the vicious dog charges toward him, prompting Woody to dart back into Sid's room and holds the door shut to prevent Scud's entry. While Scud stations himself outside the door, ready to attack any toys that emerge out of Sid's room, the mutant toys help Woody realize a plan to save Buzz from Sid's clutches. The toys trick Scud into running clear out of the house by sending out the frog to distract the dog. While chasing after the frog, Scud knocks down Sid's sister Hannah, who had just answered the door (only to find Ducky out on the front porch, ready to catch the frog) ― as he jumps onto the front porch. Legs lifts Ducky and the Frog back up through the rafters, with Scud barking at them. He is then subsequently locked out of the house by Hannah who was annoyed at his stupidity.

When Woody and Buzz, after leaving Sid's house, run after the moving van to catch up with Andy and his toys, Scud spots them and snarls with fury and decides to chase them as revenge for getting him locked out. While Buzz had already made it onto the van, Woody is still trying to climb up a hanging strap; it was during this when Scud caught up with him and attempts to pull him down. Buzz fights Scud off, allowing Woody to climb aboard the moving van, leaving Buzz behind. Woody digs the RC Car out of storage and uses him to try to drive Buzz back before the other toys still believe that Woody is up to no good as they try to attack Woody. Scud refuses to give up and chases Buzz into an intersection with oncoming traffic. At the same time, Woody tries to prove his innocence to the other toys, who ambushed him while controlling RC, forcing him to do spins and spontaneously jump. Unfortunately for Scud, as he enters the intersection, not noticing the traffic light in his direction is already red, he triggers an accident in which all the cars crash into each other, forming a circle that traps Scud as the angered drivers tell the dog to move out of their zone. Buzz was able to escape on RC while Scud is left behind, desperately trying to find a way out to get Woody and Buzz, and Buzz realizes that he's saved at last. It is unknown what happened to Scud afterwards.


Scud is an aggressive bull terrier who helps his owner, Sid Phillips, torture toys for fun by chewing the toys and wrecking their parts. Scud is an obstacle for Woody and Buzz as they try to escape Sid's house and reunite with Andy Davis, and Scud obsessively pursues them, showing also to be very tough. He was also implied to be abused by his owners, or at least Mr. Phillips, as he walked away in fear when he noticed Mr. Phillips sleeping nearby, thus preventing him from mauling Buzz.


  • Scud is one of the few non-toy (as well as non-human) Toy Story characters who knows toys can come to life. 
  • Scud's barking and other dog noises were done by one of Gary Rydstrom's dogs named Buster, which is a name that would eventually be used for Andy's dog in Toy Story 2.[1]
  • Scud sounds more like a lion, tiger, or bear when he's sleeping or stalking Woody and Buzz in the scene in the hallway. This is because Gary Rydstrom and his fellow sound artists wanted Scud to sound like a monster to Woody and Buzz.
  • Unlike Scud's portrayal in the film, actual bull terriers are usually gentle and non-threatening dog breeds.
    • This is evident during the first onscreen appearance of Scud when Sid blows up Combat Carl directly in front of him, causing Scud to hide in fear and then lash back out angrily at the crater where Combat Carl was.
  • In the earliest draft of Toy Story, Scud was a hairless pink dog named Baby who belonged to a young couple who bought the main toys for him to play with. His comeuppance resulted in him landing in a recycling bin and being taken out.
  • In Toy Story: The Musical, Scud is not seen. He was only mentioned, and his barking and growling were heard.







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