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"Mine! Mine! Mine!"

The Seagulls are minor characters in Finding Nemo. Their goal is to get food.

Finding Nemo

In the film, they are portrayed as mindless eating machines who only shout one word: "Mine!"

They were first seen when they were cawing "Mine!" while Nigel had a crab in his wing that he was going to eat, much to his irritation. However, he ended up relieving the crab when he overheard from his fellow pelicans that Nemo's father Marlin was trying to search for his son, although the crab managed to escape from the Seagulls.

Later in the film, the Seagulls surround Nigel, Marlin and Dory, and also nearly try to eat Marlin and Dory while trying to escape from Nigel (as they thought he was going to try and eat them when all he was trying to do was tell them that he knows Nemo and where he is), but Nigel saves them. They chase after Nigel until their beaks crash into a sail of one of the sailboats.

The Seagulls made their last appearance when Dory and Nemo were trying to get information out of a crab about where he saw Marlin go (Dory intended to feed the crab to the Seagulls if he did not answer them).

Finding Dory

A different flock of seagulls resembling the ones from the first film make a cameo appearance near the end of Finding Dory when Dory and Hank drive the truck containing the quarantined fish into the ocean.


  • In the Polish dub of the movie, the Seagulls say, "Daj! Daj! Daj!" (pronounced like the English word "die"), which actually means "Give" in English.


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