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Sgt. Highgear (Sgt. short for Sergeant) is a minor character in Cars 2.

Cars 2

Sgt. Highgear is a member of the regiment assigned to London’s landmark Buckingham Palace. With a recognizable tall bearskin cap atop his scarlet body, he stands guard at his sentry box with pride and conviction.

In Cars 2, he is seen when Mater is messing with him, trying to get him to move, which he doesn't know that guards at Buckingham Palace don't respond to the public. McQueen tells Mater that they should go, as it was time for him to get knighted by the Queen. After the door to the knighting room opens, and McQueen and Mater enter, Highgear and another guard then turn round and do a march stomp.


  • He along with the other guards are the car-ified versions of the real life Buckingham Palace guards.
  • Sgt. Highgear is modeled after an old 1962 Land Rover Series IIA.
  • His bumper is made to look like a belt.
  • The black strips under Sgt. Highgear's windscreen bear the Thistle collar insignia of the Scots Guards, who really guard the Queen.