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According to him: I am an experienced leader in the animation industry with 25 years at Pixar Animation Studios. I began my career animating and directing commercials at Pixar, with outside agencies, before moving over to feature animation on Toy Story. Working at the forefront of the computer animation industry, I have always enjoyed the collaborative process of evolving cutting edge technologies and the creation of feature films.

Through the years I have animated on 15 feature films and successfully led our animation team on three of them - Up, Cars 2 and Inside Out. I worked interdepartmentally to problem solve and ensure a smooth production. I helped guide our animation department as it grew to over 100-plus people. My role has allowed me to be involved in public talks, film press, movie marketing, video games and associated short film work. I have worked as a film consultant for several projects. Always curious, in addition to my role in animation, I have pushed to work in other areas of interest over the years, including layout, story and theme park entertainment. The latter of which was a dream come true, taking on a leadership role in the creation and development of a variety of attractions at the Disney Theme Parks. 

Along the way I picked up a VES Award for Joy on Inside Out and became a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2016.