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Sid's House
"Once we go into Sid's house, we won't be coming out."

Sid's house is a location in Toy Story. It is the residence of the Phillips family, notably to the toys, Sid. It is located directly next to Andy's old house.

Locations within[]

Sid's Room[]

Sid's Room
"We are gonna die. I'm outta here!"
—Woody, after seeing the many disturbing features of Sid's room.

Sid's room is where the Mutant toys reside. It is located directly across the yard from Andy's room. It is littered with many disturbing musical posters, "toy torturing" tools, a lava lamp with toys heads instead of bubbles, and many other disturbing features. In fact, as soon as Woody saw what was in this room, he felt convinced he and Buzz were going to die.

Hannah's Room[]

Hannah's room is located down the hallway from Sid's room. It is where Sid's younger sister Hannah holds tea parties with her dolls that have been mutilated by Sid.

TV Room[]

This is where Mr. Phillips, father of Sid and Hannah, is seen snoring on a La-Z-Boy. It is also where Buzz Lightyear finally discovers that he is just a toy through the TV advertisement featuring Buzz Lightyear toys.

The room is decorated with duck wallpaper and a mounted deer head. There are many empty cans lying around the chair.

The Staircase[]

This is where Buzz Lightyear, after watching the commercial, falls and has his left arm dislodged when he attempts to fly for the last time. At one point, Scud is seen sleeping on the staircase, blocking Woody and Buzz's way out of the house.


Woody hides from Scud in a closet. This closet contains a bowling ball.

The Backyard[]

The backyard of Sid's house is first seen when Sid blows up a Combat Carl toy. Later on, it is where Woody and the Mutant toys escape to teach Sid a lesson and to rescue Buzz from being blown up by Sid.

Sid's Basement[]

Although it is not seen in the film, the Tiger Electronic Games adaptation of Toy Story had a stage which featured Woody's escape from the depths of Sid's basement. Woody and Buzz must avoid Sid and Scud to get closer to finding Andy.


  • A poster in Sid's room is based on Rat Fink in his classic Hot Rod pose. The letters "HTT" are visible in the corner, presumably standing for "Hi Tech Tunes," the company that produced the film.
  • This was the location where Al's Toy Barn was first mentioned in at the end of the commercial Buzz was watching on TV.
  • The address of Sid's house is unknown (never mentioned).