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Skywalker Sound is the sound effectssound editingsound designsound mixing and music recording division of George LucasLucasfilmmotion picture group. Its main facilities are located at Skywalker Ranch in Lucas Valley, near Nicasio, California.[1] It began as Sprocket Systems in San Anselmo, California and its name officially changed to Skywalker Sound in 1987 after the company moved to Skywalker Ranch.

While located in San Anselmo, Sprocket Systems came into contact with the local residents from time to time. For instance, Kentfield resident Pat Welsh was "discovered" while shopping at a camera store and went on to provide the voice for E.T.. During the sound recording of Raiders of the Lost ArkHarrison Ford could be spotted practicing his bullwhip technique in the parking lot.[2]

Sprocket Systems moved from San Anselmo following a disastrous flood in January 1982.

Its staff of sound designers and re-recording mixers have either won or been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound and Best Sound Editing every year since Star Wars in 1977 (in that year Ben Burtt was given a Special Achievement Award, since the category for Sound Editing had not yet been established).

Mixing stages, editorial services, and scoring stages are all located in a central 'Tech Building', with dining areas and living quarters in the vicinity but separate from the main work area.

Skywalker Sound has won 15 Academy Awards and received 62 nominations.

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