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The Sleep Well Motel is the main location in Toy Story of Terror!.

Toy Story of Terror!

The Sleep Well is a small roadside motel located in Tempe, Arizona. It has about 12 rooms, and its sign indicates Wi-Fi is available, and "kids stay free." It is run by the manager Ron Tompkins, who steals objects from his customers to sell them back online.

After getting a flat tire, Bonnie's mom is forced to stop at the motel, and they have to spend the night there waiting for a mechanic. During the night, the toys are stolen by the motel's manager, but they manage to be retrieved the next morning. Later, police officers arrive to arrest him, but he flees, tipping down his motel's sign in the process. It is unknown what happens with the motel after Ron's arrest


  • The kids may stay free because they have toys.
  • This place is actually a parody of Sleep Inn.
  • A Sleep Well sign can be seen in Cars 3.
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