The slug monster student is a character in Monsters University.

Monsters University

He is a student at Monsters University. This bright yellow slug monster is seen constantly late for school. At the beginning of the film, on the first day of class, he does not want to be late to class and starts to run as fast as he can. But his efforts barely make him move a millimeter. In an after-credits scene, he finally makes it to his classroom, only to find out that the school year is over, and that his slow speed actually caused him to miss every single one of his classes. He then starts running to head back, at the same speed.


  • In the first trailer for Monsters University, the slug did not have buck teeth as he has in the final film.
  • Bill Hader, Slug's voice actor, who played Flint Lockwood in both Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs films, also voiced the referee.
    • Ironically, Hader also voiced Guy Gagne, the main antagonist of the DreamWorks animated film Turbo, about a snail that can run as fast as a racecar, due to him getting into an accident involving falling into a car engine and being injected with fuel.
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