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Smash and Grab Pixar SparkShorts

Smash and Grab is the second SparkShorts series It was directed by Brian Larsen and produced by David Lally. The film premiered on YouTube on February 11, 2019, before subsequently being released on Disney's direct-to-consumer streaming service Disney+ on November 12. 


Smash and Grab, two robots who live on a futuristic Mars-like planet, have spent all of their lives working in a futuristic steam train fueled by glowing rocks. One day, Smash notices that there is a world outside the train, and he tells Grab; however, they are held back by their power cables. Smash then discovers that other robots, outside the train, use spherical, crystallized energy-powered batteries. Smash cuts his cable, exits the train, and steals two batteries. When he gets back, he hooks a battery up to Grab, and they escape. Security robots then come in and notice that the robots are gone. Smash and Grab are found by the security guards while standing on the train. A security guard shoots Grab, which ends up deactivating him. Smash then throws his battery at the security guards, destroying all of them, derailing the train in the process. At the end, the two robots are walking towards one of the cities, sharing one battery.